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    Plugin category: PVP

    Suggested name: layout

    What I want: I would like it so when you do /layout you get a inv setup like this


    Enchants are Protection:1 unbreaking:3 add feathingfalling:4 for boots

    Swords:Sharpness 1 unbreaking 3

    Potions instant heath 2
    Fire Res 8 min
    Speed 2 for 1:30

    When you get the kit. &6You have got the &4&l&ncurrent&6 map kit.

    Ideas for commands: layout and layout (playername) gives the kit to the player.

    Ideas for permissions: layout.use layout.use.other

    When I'd like it by: ASAP.
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    A kit plugin should work fine. Then using a custom command plugin to to /layout
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    @Johnanater yes i know i dont need ALL the other things about a kit plugin
  4. @CheeseNips Use Essentials and KitAdder. Create the kit then create an alias for it in your server's commands.yml file
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    Almost done. It remains to 2% and the plugin will be completed.

    Edit: The plugin is completed, come in PV please i need several informations before posting the plugin.
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