Lava has same physics as water?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Derf321, Feb 2, 2012.

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    I couldn't find a plugin that does it, but is it possible to make lava have the same exact physics as water?
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    Do you mean you're looking for lava to flow at the same speed as water AND the same distance (7 blocks away from source instead of 4) or just one of these things?

    Also do you want lava to just act like orange water, or do you want it to still burn you?

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    Mmm well specifically I want the lava to dissappear when the source block is removed, just like water. It would make automations and things much simpler to clean up.
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    i support this
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    basicly like fire orange water
    sounds cool
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    Yeah, but still be able to kill people and all that good stuff. It wouldnt be too hard, right?
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    If you are saying "orange water" like the texture of water but tinted orange, that's impossible. It is also impossible to make lava reach farther. The only thing possible, what you want, is to make all the lava disappear after the source block is removed.
    My idea to help code this:

    If the stagnant/non-moving lava block is removed, remove ALL non-stagnant/moving lava blocks within 6 blocks. If there is another stagnant lava block from 2-11 blocks away, let the source block flow the rest of the lava that could have been removed. (this might sound confusing but it makes sense to me lol)
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    Yes, thats a more accurate description of what I'm looking for. It wouldn't be to hard to code by the looks of it (makes sense the way you described it)
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    lol, awesome. I can not code at all, I would if I knew how. Hopefully what I said will help people who want to code it a little better, which is what I was aiming for.
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    Anybody up to program this? It would be much appreciated!

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