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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by KARAMEL, Aug 20, 2012.

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    So how do I increase my memory and fix that black blank screen?

    P.S. Nice HarryPotterSpells plugin going there!

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    You'll have to buy some RAM from a store, such a best buy, open up your laptop and insert it.

    I do however recommend buying a VPS (Virtual Private Server). It'll make the whole process so much easier for you, besides the fact that you'll have to learn to operate a whole new OS. Learning the new OS only takes a few hours, though, to be quite honest
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    Well, you have to allocate more (does you computer have 100MB of RAM? That's pretty low). I can't give a long-winded tutorial right now, but basically you have to change the flags in your start.bat. If you don't have enough to allocate, you need to purchase more.

    And if you're running this off of a laptop, I'd highly recommend running it off of another computer/renting somewhere. It's going to destroy the laptop (I'd know from personal experience).
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    To add to what np98765 has said, try changing these values in the start.bat:

    -Xmx###M to -Xmx1024M
    (If existing) -Xms###M to -Xms1024M

    If that doesn't work, do what users above have said, and go to your start menu. Right click computer, or my computer, and click properties. Look for 'Installed memory (RAM)' and tell us what it says to the right of that text.
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    How much RAM does he actually have? Has he posted that yet? It's kind of important.
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    Nope, not yet. I don't think they sell computers anymore with 90-100MB of RAM, so I'm not really sure what the actual number is. :3

    But yes, that is important.
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    oh effing hell, why doesnt someone tell him how to check the actual RAM instead of telling him he is wrong.

    OP: if your system is windows, use search function or run.exe to find dxdiag, youd get a page called "directx diagnostic tool", paste what is says at memory. its important to determine what is your problem.
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    Removed offtopic posts.
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    how to check his ram has ALREADY been explained more then once as was allocating more ram to the server
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    How many times do I have to tell you, I KNOW I DON'T HAVE 100 GBs OF RAM!!! Kalas2626, stop stalking my forum posts and insulting me.
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    Can you please just say how much you do have instead on constantly saying that you don't have 100 GB? That is kind of what everyone here is asking for, yet you continue to not answer. They told you how to check your ram, now check it, and give a number.
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    We do completely understand you understand that. We do need an accurate number to be able to find your soruce of lag, as i believe most people here believe you don't have enough
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    Well if you read the message it clearly tells you that it failed to bind to port. That is prolly the standard port for you: 25565.

    Regarding the chunk error loading, try remove ptweaks or update it. Also remove all plugins if that doesnt help and then add them one by one till you find whats causing the issue.

    As one mentioned earlier, allocate as much ram you want in the bat file that you open with notepad if you are a windows user (by windows i dont mean your normal windows in the house, cause that would not make any sense what so ever).

    To check how much ram you have do the following:

    Click on the start menu (Prolly the globe in the left down corner), then right click on Computer, pick properties and then it will say how much ram you have in the description.

    The ram you said is prolly the harddisk space.

    Back to the log you got, u might be running a server already when you started it again, therefor the port is busy by the other server. There for check so you dont have any servers running while starting the bat file.

    If you are unsure what "window" that is the server, be sure to close them all by pressing the X icon in the right upper corner of the "window".

    If you ever want to run a server, be sure to learn how to use the search function and learn some troubleshooting. Else it will be a big problem for you running a minecraft server that takes alot of maintence.

    I hope this helped you :)
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    number 1 im not "stalking" your thread.number 2 i was not insulting you at all.i simply said that these things have already been said.sensitive much?
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    Noob aleart.
    '"90-100 Gigs of ram" HOLY SHIT YOUR RICH! 40k$ computer!
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    nice grave digging >.< but this was fun to read
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    One of the more entertaining posts :p
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    OMFG.this thread is still alive?
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    KARAMEL I'm just going to go ahead and lock this thread. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere besides creating flaming and trolling
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