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    Plugin Name: LandClaim

    What I want: I need a plugin where if you do a command, a stick will spawn in your inventory. That stick is what you use to select an amount of land. It calculates how many blocks the player has selected, and then comes up with a total amount of money you need to pay for the land. Once you pay, you claim the land. Nobody can build in that but only you, but you can use a command to allow other players to build in your claimed land. Also there has to be a command where the spawn can be selected so that nobody can select the spawn area, because nobody is allowed to build there.

    Messages - They should be able to be configured in the config, with the color codes and message itself - each message should be configured so that you can add as many lines to one message, so like 5 lines for example

    When select first position of land...

    You have selected the first position of land you want to claim!

    When select second position of land...

    You have selected the second position of land you want to claim!

    When the second position is made, it says the amount of money you need to pay

    You need to pay: (amount)
    Type /sq pay to pay for the land!
    Type /sq decline to decline the payment!

    When payed the land..

    You have payed for the land! (amount) of money has been taken from your account.

    When tries to select at the spawn or anywhere that players aren't allowed to select..

    You can't select land here!

    No permission..

    You don't have permission!

    Decline the payment..

    You have declined the payment!


    /sq landclaim - Gives you the stick in your inventory - Also, the stick is not craft able with any other item

    /sq pay - Pay the amount that you need to pay

    /sq nobuild - Select an area in which nobody is allowed to build or select so they can build there - so like for the spawn, as an example

    /sq decline - Decline the payment


    Doesn't really have to be any permissions..

    When i would like it by:

    ASAP, thankyou so much!
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    It almost feels like what you are looking for has already been made, can someone confirm?
    Either way, I am just wondering how much each square block of land costs and where the plugin is suppose to deduct that sum from.
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    Hi SpielMC!

    Each square of block costs's at least $5, and basically the plugin is where the sum is deducted from. It basically calculates how many blocks has been selected, and then times it by 5, and then comes with the exact total. For example, if i were to select 5 blocks amount of land, that would be 5x5, right? So 25 $ for 5 blocks of land. In the config, there should be a feature where you can change how much money is for each block.
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    Sorry, its sort of like the plugin i need, just it doesn't have much features that I am asking for. For example, i need a feature for this plugin that I am requesting for the spawn not to be claimed, nobody can claim the spawn, and so, in that plugin players can claim the spawn.

    Also another thing guys is that when you claim land its not like 1 chunk to claim and you have to go 1 by 1 to claim land.

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    Ok, forgive me but I don't understand where the plugin is suppose to deduct the money from... Do you also need a way for the players to receive or produce money?
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    Basically, you don't have to develop the money part. Players get money by selling items or completing different quests (which is another thing), the LandClaim is just claiming land with the Essentials or i don't know what plugin money, i think Essentials, but yeah. The plugin is supposed to deduct the money, so like when you do the command to select the amount of land its basically the plugin that does it. And I forgive you as well.


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