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    Suggested name: KotH (king of the hill)

    What I want:
    I want a similar plugin to HCF's or Kohi's KotH plugin where at a certain time a KotH will start. For example like this:


    However I want it to be open world instead of the current plugins which (the one's I've found) are all 'minigames' and require teams etc. whereas I'd like it so anyone could freely walk onto the KotH at the time it starts and begin capping, and the only way you will stop capping is by being hit out of the KotH zone (red borders in pic). If hit off the cap zone the timer resets for who goes on next and even if it's the same person who got hit off. Also note that if someone else walks onto the KotH zone whilst somebody else is on it, it won't affect the time or affect anything at all. It should only restart the timer if the player walks or is hit off.

    Every 30 seconds a message comes in chat saying: "(Place name) is currently being controlled by (players name). Time remaining: 9minutes 30seconds"

    After you capture the zone (roughly 10minutes of being on the control point) it allows you to open a chest which will be about 10blocks away with loot inside.

    Ideas for commands: /koth set, which allows you to set the region for the KotH and name
    /koth start (name), sends a message in chat alerting players the KotH has started and is ready to be controlled.

    /koth loot, allows you to see the prizes of winning the koth

    Ideas for permissions: kothstart.permission true if player can start koth
    kothloot.permission true if player can view the loot
    kothset.permission true if player can set a KotH zone out.

    When I'd like it by:
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    Mathias Eklund

    A server wide minigame with random points all over seems like a fun time passing game.
    Hope you find someone to make it, i am myself waiting for something to develop in 1.8
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