KitSign - Gives you an choosen kit

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    I Would love this plugin, with config
    like u can make different kits with it + perm support (3.1.6yeti i use)

    sign would be done like this
    1 line :[KitSign]
    2 line :Kitnamehere
    3 line :
    4 line :

    when rightclicking it gives the kit.

    thanks :p
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    Can Someone explain for me what "kit" mens? :eek:
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    Hard to explaing, but i say its thing what has multiple type of items =)
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    Pixel Bandit

    In essentials you can set kits.... Basically a set of items in which the player can be equipped with as predetermined in a config.

    So a "kit" called "Tools" may consist of diamond pickaxe, axe, shovel etc
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    i know but i want em to signs.
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