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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by cheese0wnz, Aug 10, 2015.

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    Hello there.

    Recently I've started up a Kit PVP server and I've been desperately searching for the right plugin for me, however I am completely lost and keep finding one I like but it is missing aspects I need. The closest I came to was this plugin: (infinitekits).

    However I am desperate for it to have the ability to:
    - Add potion effects to a player when they use a kit

    - Have a
    GUI menu when doing /kits (Kit essentials does this but is broken as it only displays one kit: to display the kits available

    - And for the ability to create the kits in game.

    If you already know of a plugin like this and I have just been looking in the wrong direction please tell me, many thanks.

    - I was unsure as of where to post this and I will move it if I happen to be in the wrong area.

    -Edit- I did some more searching and found the old plugin I used to use: (litekits). A plugin like that but with a kit GUI menu is exactly what I'm looking for.
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  2. I know this won't help you much, but the only thing I know is a plugin that allows you to create kits in game. It is called KitAdder and it works fine for me. (It takes the comments(#) of the essentials config.yml tho, but if you know how it works you will be fine.)

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    You could use CobraKits with Chest commands f
    or the gui
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    CobraKits is just what I'm looking for, sadly out of date though, I hope it will still work. Thanks for the help.
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