Kits for a KitPvP server?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by AndrowOnFire, Aug 2, 2013.

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    Basically, I'm attempting o open up a kitpvp server. I need some help making the kits, since I can't code what so ever. I'd need a few kits. Here's a small list
    -/pvp. When you use /pvp, you get full iron armor, a sharpness 1 diamond sword, and the rest of the inventory is full of mushroom stew.
    -/archer. When you use /archer, you get full leather protection 2, an iron sword sharpness 2, and a power 2 infinite bow. You get an arrow in the inventory, and the rest is filled with stew. You get "speed 2" potion effect
    -/huntsman. When you use /huntsman, you get iron chest, legs, and helm, and feather falling 4 diamond boots. You get a sharpness 2 diamond sword, and you get the potion effects "Jump boost 2, and speed 2" The rest of your inventory is filled with stew.

    That's it for the kits. Also, if possible, could you make a command where if I do /kits, it would list those 3 kits?

    I don't know if I'm asking for a lot or not - I'm new to owning a server. I don't know how long this'll take if anyone accepts my request. Thanks to ANYONE who read this.

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    Here's my attempt at it, hope it's what you wanted.

    commands are /kits, /pvpkit (/pvp also works) , /archerkit (/archer), and /huntsmankit (/huntsman)
    Permissions are PvpKits.kits, PvpKits.pvp, PvpKits.archer, PvpKits.huntsman for each of the commands
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    You can check out BattleKits, as it appears to do everything you need. Plus, you can add kits if you need in the future.
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    BattleKits seems like it would be much better than what I threw together.
    I only knew the kits from essentials, and that won't allow you a way to put potion effects on a player.
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    manderson93 Your plugin was really good, except a few things. When you picked a kit, it would give STACKS of stew, instead of individual stew. Also, you could pick one kit, and then a different kit before dying --

    If possible, do you think you could fix that? I don't know if I'm bothering you or not, but the plugin works perfectly
    -- only problem being those 2.
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    Yea there is a ton of plugins for that.
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    Quickly updated to change those two things. I probably should have just made it a single thing of stew from the beginning, but oh well. Also you never mentioned that you wanted the kits to be used once per life.

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