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  1. Minecraft version : 1.8.8
    Suggested name : Kill & Trails Effect
    What I want:
    i plugin that has effect after killing a player or using bow or enderpearl
    and the commands to apply the effect
    - /killfx <name-of-effect> - killfx.player
    - /killfx <name-of-effect> <player> (for console & admin) - killfx.admin
    now i will explain the effect i want

    Kill Effect:
    - Lightingstrike : Apply Lightingstrike.
    - Heartaura : Apply Hearts
    - Diamond : explosion of diamond and diamond block
    - bye armorstand : good bye state armor stand with the dead player head
    - dead body: the dead player skin on floor
    - dead player head like baloon
    - Astronaut (armor stand with white leather armor and astro custom head) going to sky with smoke particles under it
    - small tornado
    - ice block dropping to ground with glass broken sounds when it hits ground

    Arrow trail:
    - Heart
    - smoked diamond : diamond with smoke particles
    - rainy : smoke particles with water drip particle
    - LAVA "not lava drip"
    - FLAME

    Enderpearl trail:
    - Heart
    - CRIT
    - smoke (color: aqua)
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    I have the basic structure ready and am in the process of programming the effects, but some will not be possible with spigot only, like the dead body.

    Can you please briefly explain what exactly you mean by:
    1. dead player head like baloon
    2. small tornado
  3. 1- check the attached
    2- with particles with sound of enderdragon.wings

    For the balloons i want these and each one is different effect
    the dead player head
    the slayer head
    Scared Chicken

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