Kill all animals ?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MoW1, Jul 26, 2011.

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    is there any possibility to kill all animals on a server ?
    Somehow my Server is overrun by chickens and I cann´t investigate the case, because the huge number of chickens is too much for my pc.
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    I would turn them off in the server config and restart. Then take a look at your recent plugin changes and figure out what went wrong.
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    Hey there, @MoW1
    If you install sk89q's WorldGuard plugin (and dependencies) you will be able to simply use the /butcher command which will kill ALL mobs on the map.
    Let me know about your progress.

    *EDIT: Or do the above.
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    Those mobs will come back faster than you can type /butcher 500, believe me :p
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    somehow /butcher won't work.
    @SamusAranX are you just joking or do you know something about this problem ?
    Edit. I already blocked chicken spawn, but it didn´t help.

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    he mean worldedit
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    I was going to say the same thing but it wont help solve the issue /butcher in a large area like that will not really solve anything as everything will just spawn back in.

    If you disable animals inf the config you will be able to still play while solveing the issue, then when your ready you can reinable.
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    Okay the chickens are gone, but the Server still crashes when I enter the area.
    Is there any way to delete this area and let it regenerate new ?
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    Well if its not a really huge area I would select the area and do //regen

    so for me its
    //expand vert

    But thats only if the area is smaller than 200x200 if you get much bigger it might be better to do it with some other means.
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    it seems to be a bigger area...
    any ideas anybody ?
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    Just as a question, did you like put a ton of mob spawners or something?
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    butcher doesnt kill animals or npc's
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