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    Please i need plugin
    kick but with another kick command and i Select The Message

    kick command:

    -/kickrank (PlayerName)



    kick message:

    i can change the message in config

    Please The Essentials kick /kick,/ekick don't change his message it's be the sames EssentialsKick Message You Have Been Kicked

    Nice Day :D

    Good Luck iLove u :D
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    Do you need console support?
  3. So you want a kick plugin but with a change-able kick message?
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    I don’t fully understand what you want, could you possibly provide more detail( Just edit your main post)
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    So you basically want a plugin that changes the kick message? If so, use Essentials and change the message in the English locale file. And for the different kick command syntax: If you want your kick command to be /kickrank, use an Alias plugin like <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url> one[/URL].
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    So you just want a custom kick plugin? But you can edit the message? Ill work on it after I make my punishment plugin

    Almost done with punsihment plugin!

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    Thx All <3 :D
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