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    Notch just retweeted: http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/3765/recipejumppad.png and i thought.. wow, maybe someone is smart enough to make this kind of plugin!

    Here is how i thought it would work!

    First set out an wooden slab
    second, rightklick when use'ing slime (you loose one slime ofcs) or maybe an sign behind witch has some kind of simple text on it!

    Then just walk on it and enjoy your flight!
    You should be able to set permissions and thrust!

    What do you all think?
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    This would require a client mod, and a server mod. Plugins can't add things such as video, music, new block types, new mobs, textures, and a few more that I probably forgot. So no, nobody will make your plugin. Nice idea, though. I saw the tweet earlier.
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    Actually this is possible and I'm going to start working on it tonight. :)

    EDIT: Is possible without a client mod*

    EDIT 2: Actually this might be interesting, lets say you place a sign in front of a wooden slab. You write on the slab "thrust: 20" or something, and that'll set the thrust of the block.

    Also, when you say you want permissions integrated, is that to USE the jump block? Or to set it? I am asking this because if you want to make it so that they can set it I'll need to make a flat file that records who placed which slab where. Which wont hinder performance, it's just an extra pain.
    This is what I've achieved so far. Let me know what you think.

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    what is when you write "50" or "100" onto the sign? :D

    can I have this Plugin :D
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    The number on the sign dictates the height that the pad will launch you. So a 10 will launch you a smaller amount than a 15 will.

    I'm not ready to release it just yet, but I'll be getting it done in a bit. If you want to try it out, my server is TurboGrimoire.com
    EDIT: And here we go:


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    Wow! thats flipping awesome dude! :D

    Thank you so much, ill install it right away! :D

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