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    Category: Fun/Admin

    Suggested Name: Jukebox+

    What It Does: In short, it will give admins and map creators more control over the sounds and music that play in their world. Or, simply lets players have a bit more fun with Jukeboxes and Music Discs. The main point of this is to make Jukeboxes replay discs, however I came up with a few more fun features as well:

    Sound Radius: A Jukebox plays when a player is within a defined block radius
    More Sounds: Jukeboxes can play sounds other than music discs, such as mob sounds
    Replay: Players can choose if they want a jukebox to replay the disc they inserted

    Commands: /jukebox or /jb Right click a Jukebox to select it
    /jb create <block radius> <replay yes:no> - Main command
    /jb replay - Toggle replay of a sound
    /jb sound <.ogg file>


    Thanks to all who read... Feel free to leave suggestions
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    Currently, you can not add custom music to play from jukeboxes without Spout or client modding.
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    The only way to play your own sounds from file is using Spoutplugin and Spoutcraft client

    There are a few plugins that do this on the spout forum but everything is between versions at the moment

    Might be a good idea to just wait a few weeks until recommended builds are promoted.

    (it can already be done, but it would be tricky to set up atm.)
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    chasechocolate and Kiakaha

    I am fully aware that adding custom music is not possible... I am talking about sounds that are already in the game such as mob sounds. And anything else already in the game, like I mentioned above.
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    In that case, try making loops with "Variable Triggers" it can already play any of the in game sounds
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    Not entirely true you could play midi files with a noteblock.
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    Kiakaha Thanks! I'll check it out :)
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    MWAHAAHAHAH custom music IS possible! Hint hint midi files -> noteblock sounds

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