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    Hello everyone I have a plugin request because ever since 1.6 came out with horses i have been wondering "wouldn't it be cool to have a jousting mini game on my server?" and so I searched the web and found nothing so I turned to bukkit. On my server I have horse racing so why not have jousting on horses? I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to make me such a plugin. here are all the things I would like in this plugin:

    - I need it to be 1.7 compatible

    - Multiworld Support

    - Join Signs

    - Configurable Config

    - Multiple Arenas

    - All in one server (not separate)

    - Needs worldedit to make arena

    - Needs to have permission nodes!

    - Stats

    /joust create [id] - Create an arena with the selected positions with worldedit
    /joust setspawn 1 - Set the first spawn at current location
    /joust setspawn 2 - Set the second spawn at current location
    (optional) /joust setwall - set an invisible barrier so the people playing cant go backwords they can only go one way (can only go threw the barrier one way but once you go threw it you can not go back)
    /joust join [id] - Join the selected arena
    /joust leave - Leave the current game you are in
    /joust setlobby - set the spawn point for when the game is finished
    /joust stats - Shows all of the players wins and loses

    Features That Would Be Cool To Have But I Do Not Need:
    Points System - maybe can be compatible with sg points?
    Change color of horse? (config)

    Stuff I Would Like To Be In The Config:
    Customizable Prefix
    Amount of time before game starts
    horse color
    When game starts they get an item like a stick for the jousting stick to hit the opponent with. I would like the item to be customizable by item id
    Can toggle whether they can scroll in they're hot bar or not
    what type of Armour they spawn in with
    how many hits it takes to knock the one player off they're horse

    Other Stuff:

    OK so how this would work is when they type the command /joust join [id] or right click join sign they get teleported into one side of the arena on a horse and they are in a little horse pen and if they try to escape the pen before the game starts then they will just get teleported back so they can not exit the pen until the game starts then they can. Also when they type the command /joust join [id] or right click a join sign they spawn with full iron Armour already on them and they cannot take it off and they also don't get they're jousting stick item until the game starts and they can not move that item out of the first slot. so when the game actually begins i would like some way of forcing them out of they're horse pen because i don't like corner campers I don't think anyone does. So when it begins and they have they're jousting stick i would like them not to be able to scroll theyre hotbar and also once a player for example takes 6 hits then they get knocked off there horse. once the one guy has taken 6 hits then they both get teleported back to the hub / lobby and in chat is says for example if you were the winner it would say " You have knocked [player] off they're horse! therefore you win!"
    also for example if you lost then the message would say "[player] has knocked you off youre horse! therefore you have lost!" or just a much simpler way is to just say this in the chat "[player] has knocked [player] off there horse in a jousting tournament! therefore [player] wins!" Perhaps you could even add a rare tie game where both players hit eachother 6 times in total at the same time.

    And then whatever else you think you could add to the plugin would be great :) . If someone does create such a plugin for me I will give them full credit on my server and they would like i will give them an exclusive rank! and i have a feeling that I am going to get a reply saying it is not possible to edit a horses behavior but you know what i say to this? how did this horseracing plugin do it? also if this is impossible then i guess i will just have to except that.

    Bump! plz can someone reply?

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    Big plugin, not sure so many people will be interested in making. I would make it, but busy with school atm.
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    Ah yes I understand it is a big request especially with school going on
  4. Please wait 24 hours before bumping.
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    Lol, I have actually used your plugin before. but it looks like you have recently updated it, i will give it a try :)

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