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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by helixwebstudios, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Our Most Elegant Administration Panel to Date.​
    Quick, Simple, Intuitive, and Easy to Install. Joining CSS3, HTML5, and Bukkit we Have Created the Most Elegant Web Based Administration Panel for Bukkit Minecraft Servers.​

    Details on the Admin Panel
    Code-name, "MC-Lux Panel" for the time being, will be a fully functional, web-based administration center for Minecraft servers. Plugin Installation, File Management, Player Settings, and Backups can all be easily managed by simply logging into your online Admin Panel. Below we have put together a small list of functions the panel will have upon release.

    • Shutdown / Restart / Turn On / Backup
    • Add New Player to Whitelist
    • View Active Players
    • Player Options
    • File Manager
    • Plugins (Including Installation, Editing, and Toggle Options)
    • Terminal (Command Line - Style Interface)
    • Backup Manager
    • Administrative Server Options
    • Server Security


    What We Need to Complete
    A team of programmers, skilled in the programming of Minecraft & Bukkit based Java. At most, 3-4 programmers for the plugin and interface will be needed. This is a community based project, so you will not be compensated with funds, however you will be credited on the panel's website, as well as within the program.

    We have an estimated launch date of December the 14th, which will provide about 60 days of programming time. If you would like to help with this project, please reply or send a message to us with your skills.

    Beta Testing
    If you would simply LIKE to check out what the panel is like so far, without usability, feel free to check out the link below:

    Official Link to Panel

    Helix Web Design on behalf of BPC Technologies, Inc. Global Media Division
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    I would help but my knowledge is VERY limited.
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    Josh Harwood

    Why not interface via CURL?
    With This code and that plugin, you can perform ANY console command you want to :)
    function curl($cmd) {
    $c curl_init($_SESSION["IP"]."/console?command=".$cmd);
    $hh = array(
    // more headers here
    curl_setopt($cCURLOPT_HTTPHEADER$hh);    //Getting veeeeery slow
    $result curl_exec($c);

    Also i have a custom setup for starting my server (deals with ramdisks for multiple worlds), thats all run in screen via a bash script i wrote.
    basically it goes like this:
    1. I start screen
    2. I Run "bukkit" (is in the path)
    3. Server runs inside the bash script inside screen untill it's told to stop
    4. Wait for server to finish saving from ram to HDD
    5. start server again using "bukkit"
    is there anyway that this UI would be able to deal with quirks like that? or possible to have it handle ramdisks? :O
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    I would love to have you help, what do you program? Plugins, Web, ect.? Maybe this can be a learning experience for the both of us.

    John, could I first ask why you are using ramdisks for Minecraft? A virtual hard disk structure stored in the RAM usually isn't a stable environment and can lead to data loss down the road. Do you use it for speed?

    The admin panel could eventually have support for ramdisks if enough users need the support.
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    I do plugins in java and a small bit of c#.
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    Anyone else interested in the backend programming of this admin center for Minecraft and Bukkit?

    ~ THANKS!
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    Do you have skype?
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    While your interface does look nice, I think you are greatly underestimating the time requirements for this project by an order of magnitude.
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    <Content deleted.>
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    Yes, however use it rarely. My username is "dominion360"

    Email: [email protected]

    After being contacted by other members, I now understand the amount of time required for programming the actual .JAR plugin. There is now no time constraint on this panel release.

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    The interface nooks pretty neat! Good job :)
    If I may ask, why develop this while @Antariano is working on his SpaceBukkit?
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    <Content deleted.>
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    I work for a professional web development company, and we are wanting to expand our outreach on the web design and programming for more gaming oriented scripting and functions.

    Space Bukkit indeed looks very nice, however, we plan on making this script much more customizable to meet each user/customer's need.
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    We are looking for programmers skilled in PHP and Java + Bukkit! Sign up by messaging us today!!!
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