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    Plugin category: Economy / Roleplaying

    Suggested name: MyJob

    What I want: We (MyFallen Gaming Community), want a way for our members to make and spend their money. The simplest way we thought was to create a "Jobs Wall" or a "Help Wanted" wall. Where people could write their job's on the wall, a player could come and visit it select the job, do the job, hand the resources over to the player, then the job is marked as complete by the player who created it.

    Each player would be able to create a limited amount of times that single job can be done, Where the current issue I believe is with other "Jobs" plugins they allow you to create a job, the player can do that for the rest of their play time and get paid no matter what, the resources never go away.

    The players would create their jobs via a command (listed below) and then find out the details about it via a Sign on the Job Board, if a Player creates a job with the sign, upon completion the money is taken from Player A. and given to Player B (Essentials Economy/Vault).

    Ideas for commands:

    /joblist -> Find all the jobs
    /newjob [Task] [Price] [Jobs] -> Add a new job
    /deljob [Job #] -> Remove the job (Player issued, they can only delete their own jobs.)
    /myjob or /myjob [Job #] -> If the player who does the job they can do /myjob and find out their information or the job creator can do: /myjob [Job #] and it will tell them who has taken their job, and how many more job slots they have left.
    /remjob -> Deletes a job, created by a player.

    Ideas for permissions: myjobs.* for all of them (Default: All) and myjobs.remjob (Default: Op)

    When I'd like it by: If someone can create it, how ever long it takes.

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