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Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by NuclearW, Jan 17, 2012.

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    Our Jenkins build site is currently unavailable due to high load.

    While it is down, you may download the latest RB from here.
    You may also download the latest 1.1 development non-recommended build from here.

    For developers only: You may download the latest version of the Bukkit API here

    We apologize for the lack of an immediate post about this matter, and hope to have Jenkins available again soon.
  2. Instead of asking such redundant questions, you could try actually reading the thread. Your question's been asked literally dozens of times, and the answer never changes.
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    What do i put in t text document after i download the 1.1 non reccomended build?
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    Any link to bukkit used in craftbukkit 1.0.1?
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    I noticed that my spout was out of date, so i updated it, and i was downgrading my minecraft too, so i have 1.0.0 server, i have McEdit, so i just copied the most important things and saved them, created a new world, pasted them in there.
    (its not an official server yet, so that was lucky)
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    CraftBukkit build 1597 (this is the recommended build 1.0.1-R1) uses Bukkit build 1073.

    Damn I really miss jenkins and the information about exactly that.
    (ci is more important than forums, shut down forums and open up ci ^^' ... lol I know, just kidding...)
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    I Was wondering when the bukkit full 1.1 version comes out
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    Wtf all events are deprecated now :confused: -.-
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    I'm locking this thread now, for any more information about Jenkins and its future please see this announcement.
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    Hope you don't mind NuclearW I fixed those links for you.
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