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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ToPoEdiTs, Sep 8, 2014.

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    Any other better than eclipse and netbeans program is that I do not work well in linux these programs but there are some which are not better.
  2. ToPoEdiTs So far as I know, Eclipse works fine on all major OSs. What doesn't work out for you?
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    Wrong category.....
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    ToPoEdiTs, Maybe you're in the wrong place. Also feel free to use IntellIJ idea.
    its hard to set up a bukkit plugin but you will learn.
    Also, IntellIJ = better than eclipse in some stuff.
    Like IntellIJ imports stuff itself.
    like : extends JavaPlugin implements Listener..... just search for it and get some help from youtube.
  5. So can Eclipse.
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    Ihni, But in Eclipse you should hover over the word and import or import everything CTRL + SHIFT + O I guess..
    but in IntellIj it will automatically do it.
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    There is an addon for auto-import though :)
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    IntelliJ is better for just about everything. The UI is easier, it has better GitHub integration, it has better Maven integration, honestly I can't tell you one good thing about Eclipse after switching.
  9. Peter25715 When using Eclipse's proposals, it will auto import when you call a method on it,
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    IntelliJ has poor font rendering on Linux. I've found Eclipse to work very well under Linux though.
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    ToPoEdiTs why don't you just use Eclipse? what's the problem with it?
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    I don't have any issues with it... What distro?
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    I'm on Xubuntu and running Eclipse Kepler with no problems. ._.
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    I switched over to IntelliJ, it was difficult, but there are things I like better in IntelliJ than I do in Eclipse. The only problem is that Eclipse is easier to use and understand, there's also features that are sitting right in your face, but in IntelliJ you have to do all kinds of research and such. Also, more people use Eclipse, even big companies, so it's easier to get support if you use Eclipse.
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    MrSparkzz, Exactly.. But a great bukkit developer will understand it really good after watching videos on YouTube but remember, Eclipse = first for beginners then feel free to upgrade yourself and see your powers.
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