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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by roracle, Jun 26, 2017.

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    Plugin category: Economy

    Minecraft version: 1.12

    Suggested name: Item Insurance

    What I want: When a player dies in a pit of lava, he might wish he had left this or that item at home so he didn’t have to work for another one. Item insurance can cover it!

    A player should be able to use a sign or an NPC to right click on, and that should give them a chest interface where they can place an item to be insured, and a suggested price would be given in the same interface. There could be a “death limit” as well, to where the player can pay in advance to insure their tools. The more expensive an item is the more it will cost to insure. The player agrees to the insured price, and goes about his playing of the game.Upon the player’s death by lava, if an insured item was in the player’s inventory, the insurance kicks in, and the item is returned to the player, brand new and untouched. The cost of insuring the item again goes up. This could promote safer play.This wouldn’t be necessary for ALL deaths, just lava induced ones.

    This should be compatible with slime fun and tardis along with any other plugin using custom items.

    If the item is destroyed any other way, the player loses her insurance, and isn't compensated.

    Ideas for commands:

    /insured - check to see if the item you’re holding is insured

    /insured admin - see what is insured by whom and for how much, also a place to set base prices for items

    All other tasks should be handled through the interface.

    Ideas for permissions:

    insurance.use - to use insurance signs or NPC’s

    insurance.admin - to see what all is insured, who insured it, and how much money is insuring it. Also for setting insurance prices.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever, I guess.
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    How does the plugin know the value of an item?
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    Could be set by essentials value by default, but if essentials isn't available, admin sets prices. Admin sets all other custom item prices.
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    Machine Maker

    What if the item is enchanted? And what it if has multiple levels of the same enchant, say sharpness 3? Does each level increase the value of the item? And setting all the items prices without using the default essentials values is a pain because there are sooooo many items to set prices for. Maybe this plugin should depend on essentials.

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    Very good suggestion. Yes item value should increase based on number of enchantments not necessarily the enchantments themselves. And essentials would be a good start, but would that allow for custom items? Maybe just use the essentials value list into this and work from that?
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    Wel first of all how do you wanna get this to work because its pretty big what your asking do you want like that every like element of the object like a enchantment adds a price of the ammount set in the config for example and that you have a base price for every item

    What i am saying is do you want it like this
    Wooden sword + Sharpness 1 = 400$ Do you want it wil be added like that because then i think i have a way to
    300$ $100
    figure it out
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    If one of you or anyone is going to make the plugin here is the source from a very similar plugin but the buy system needs to be added:
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    Can you make it configurable so the server owner can just go into the settings file and set their own prices for enchantments while the items themselves run off the essentials worth list?
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    Wel ATM i am kinda busy with keeping my own resource good and i still have to figure out the whole economy thing and it wil take a while for me so if someone else is able to make it would be nice i kinda wanna try to be last resource
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    I could get you the list of worth values from essentials, but that's all I can presume that can work.

    Remember, I would also like to be able to set prices for custom items.
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    Machine Maker

    @roracle what do you mean custom items? Can we have an example?

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    Is anyone doing this? It would be fun to make.
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    Like SlimeFun items or TARDIS items. I mention this in the original post. If you need further examples, SlimeFun has various items you can look at.
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    @roracle @AdamZeDuck I have been working on this over the past couple days and have nearly finished but don't think it is the most efficient way to do things so don't know if i will finish it.
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    It's cool, as long as there's a way to set insurance prices for all items including custom names, that's all I need really.

    If it's just commands, I can use server signs to do the work of executing server side commands.
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