Item Dupe/Spawning Exploit

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Lunar Delta, Aug 28, 2011.

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    Lunar Delta

    Oh, I don't mind. I don't think we're gonna find a solution to the problem here anyway. Anyway, here's my CommandBook-only permissions list:

            default: true
            - commandbook.spawn
            prefix: '[&8Guest&f]&8 '
            - commandbook.whereami.compass
            - commandbook.whereami
            - commandbook.msg
            - commandbook.spawn
            - commandbook.whereami.compass.other
            - commandbook.who
            prefix: '&f[Builder] '
            - SuperSponsor
            prefix: '[&3Moderator&f]&3 '
            - commandbook.slap
            - commandbook.slap.other
            - commandbook.rocket
            - commandbook.rocket.other
            - choptree.command.toggle
            - commandbook.spawnmob.*
            - commandbook.time
            - commandbook.kit.list
            - commandbook.kit.kits.mod
    The permissions from "Builder" are inherited all the way up.
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    Daniel Heppner

    Hmm. I pretty much have the same thing in my permissions file. Do I have to install the bundled permissions.jar? I though it would've supported everything without the bridge.
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    Lunar Delta

    Yes. The bundled Permissions.jar enables support for older plugins that look for Permissions 2.x.
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    @Lunar Delta
    If you find the issue, id love it if you let us know or pm me about it atleast (So not to post it publicly), so it can be prevented.
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    Daniel Heppner

    I'll try that.

    Thanks so much for the fast responses.

    Yay! It works! Thanks so much!

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    Lunar Delta

    No problem. ;)
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    Lunar, I think he is using a hacked client (or something like toomanyitems). Since you said he/she isn't using any commands
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    Lunar Delta

    Well, it couldn't be TMI, because then I would have logs of the commands it sends.
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    perhaps something "like" it that doesn't send a command :confused:
    That Malchus dude is a genius. I want him on my server :)
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    Hey OP, you using CommandSigns or Annotate by any chance? Or anything that elevates permissions in any way?

    EDIT: Derp, re-read the op post. I've had a similar issue with CommandSigns and Permissions 3. The plugin would elevate a user's permissions to OP permissions temporarily to allow them to run a command they didnt have access to, and for some reason it would stick.

    Did you check your permissions file to see if any erroneous user entries were created for his accounts? I had that happen a few times, people would randomly inherit '*' perm through the commandsign glitch.
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    lunar, what plugin do you have to see the commands people say
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    Lunar Delta

    Hawkeye and the server.log itself, which I checked very, very thoroughly.

    I checked his permissions also, he had the standard "guest" permissions, which only allow for use of one MCDocs commands and the /spawn command to get back to spawn.
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    Geoff Winans

    VoxelPort will let pretty much anyone get free items and dupe all they want + wear blocks.

    see /vhelm
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    Lunar Delta

    Wow, I didn't know a plugin for teleportation between defined regions included such functionality. Why, it isn't even listed as a command anywhere on their wiki. Not cool.

    I looked in the plugin.yml and didn't see any commands related to instant item spawning though. I'd like to know how though, because Voxel Port is very important to my server and I'd rather not get rid of it.
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