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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by almazio1, Apr 9, 2014.

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    Hey, recently i came across a plugin called "minevey" and it claims people can donate by doing survey's. At first i was really excited but then everything looked so suspicious: Logo a copy of buycraft, plugin not on bukkitdev, high payouts for surveys.
    I know it is possible to donate through surveys but something tells me that this is a scam...
    Can you please check it out and tell me if it's legit or not because i really need (and want) it :)

    Btw sorry if its in the wrong section.
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    I think you will be better of sticking with buycraft :)
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    I want to try this so players that can't or won't donate still contribute to the server by doing surveys...
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    Hmm....I kind of dont get what you're will they contribute by doing surveys is it connected or something?
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    There doesn't seem to be any mention of things being connected to your server. I also can't find a plugin - making this more doubtful.
    I'd definitely not use them (Unprofessional website too).
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    I get money from them doing surveys... I know you can get money from doing survey's (, but I don't know if THIS particular site is legit.

    The plugin is at the bottom of the account settings tab :/ Can you please check it for malicious code or something? Thanks.
    I got the link to the zip:

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    almazio1 if you decide to use this, I'd just like to say this whole thing is suspicious to me, the owner of Minevey goes on a lot of server websites and posts thread about how they should use Minevey, I mean if their site is good, their plugin is good, they're being honest, success should find them with out the owner spamming over 40 servers.

    This plugin needs to be posted on DBO ( and it has to be checked over by the dBukkit team, the reason probably why they wont post it is because they may have malicious code, just like pixelmon, I'd keep a close eye on them..

    I just don't know, good luck though.
  8. The fact that they didn't go into detail in their video and the curious lack of information on their site leads me to believe that it's a scam.
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    The money you can get from doing actual surveys usually requires you to spend hours doing the surveys, doing hundreds of them, and then only getting like $30 out of it. And many of the legit ones don't even give you cash directly, you get points or giftcards for other services. If you did surveys like a full-time job, you might make a worthwhile amount, but who wants to fill out surveys 40 hours a week?

    Even if this thing is legit, it would likely require your players to take way too many surveys to make any visible kind of impact to your server. If I were you, I wouldn't waste the time it would take to even try setting this up.
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    If they can't take the time to spell armour correctly in there own introduction video, then I don't have time for them.
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    The plugin itself doesn't seem very wrong, except it's getting all information it can possibly get from your server/players. It can also remotely execute any command, it seems. Not sure if I would like that very much.
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    Highly recommend against using it; just as Lolmewn said, this plugin provides a backdoor for Minevey to use. Also, I noticed that the plugin also intends to have a "scripting" interface, which can, again, be used/ran remotely via the backdoor. The scripting interface provides the ability to essentially run Jar files remotely via a "run" method. Not sure what this is, but there's apperently command line parser, which goes through arguments. May be used to edit Bukkit's start up commands. No idea. Quite frankly, if you can't tell by this post, I'm paranoid about this.

    out.write("onlinePlayersIP[" + i + "]=" + URLEncoder.encode(this.server.getOnlinePlayers()[i(ndex)].getAddress().getHostName(), "UTF-8") + "&");

    aaaaand I'm never going to use this.
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