Is there a way to make zombies break doors and death by starvation in normal difficulty?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by hbocao, Feb 5, 2014.

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    Hello there,

    I run a private server for friends and I want to set the difficulty to normal, but I want to make the zombies able to break the wooden doors. I didn't find any working plugin, so I'm thinking in making one but I couldn't find a proper way to do that. Is it possible in first place?

    I also would love to enable death by starvation in normal difficulty and I didn't find a plugin to do that either, but is it possible?


    Sooo.. I guess it can't be done.


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    Ok. I managed to get working the death by starvation thing, but I still can't make the zombie break the door.
    I tried a bunch of events but none of them was fired while the zombie was punching the door.
    I think this is not possible. Ideas?
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    You could set the difficulty to hard then nerf whatever parts you want to be more normal-like perhaps?
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    You could try to hack into NMS for the Zombie's door break pathfinder.
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    I thought about that too, but I think I'll find more trouble that way. Unless you already know a plugin that does this.
    I only want this two things about the hard mode.
    I didn't discard the idea yet.

    I'm totally new to bukkit dev, so I have no idea of what is NMS. I'll read about it. Thanks.

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    Spoiler alert: NMS is evil.
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    You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, just copying other posts for information and make yourself sound smarter than you actually know about this subject.

    Used as a last resort when you don't have any options left. Make sure this is so, since it gets really, really complex from this point on. You will need to get the targetSelector or goalSelector field from EntityInstentient and modify the existing PathFinderGoals on the ArrayList b. this contains all the goals or target selector for the Entity, and you need to extend the PathFinderGoal for door break and remove the part that checks for world difficulty.
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    xTrollxDudex I still didn't take a look at it, but from what I understood, the problem is not in the pathfinding, because in normal mode the zombies punch the doors. It's just missing a simple event.

    Thank you all guys for the input, but I think I'm gonna give up. It seems too much trouble for just not wanting the mobs making more damage.
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