is there a proxy server/plugin that could do this?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by pwb, Jul 25, 2012.

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    If people have local servers, but only a leased IP. Is there a plugin that could be used on the local server that connect to a HUB or something running on a online server some where else? So clients connect to the HUB/server that run some proxy/routing software that connect to the server that dont have permanent IP? The client connects to the HUB with IP:xxxxx-xxxxx each server thats use the HUB must have its own port, or maybe its possible to do that it make a a-record in a DNS that and points to different servers inside the HUB/Proxy software? The server software must be that a user (local server owner, not the clients) makes an account and get a port number or a dns name to use for his friends to connect to. Is there something like that out there? That would be a much better way to do it than using hamachi as much kids use today to get there servers online to friends.
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    no. some plugin to install on a server behind a leased ip and no open ports from the internet.
    A normal house with a normal xdsl line and a kid that wants to run his own server. But not have a permanent IP and NOT opening/forward any ports in the router/firewall. Today that kid needs to use hamachi and his friends need to use hamachi and then there networks are connect together (VPN). But i want a plugin to install on his server where he use a config file with a username and password, then this plugin connects to a online server/hub/proxy and then his friends can connect there mc-clients to that online server and that server route that traffic to the kids server. The username and password the kid use also have a port number he get so his friends use (the port number xxxxx is given to the kid by the owner/software on the online server). The online server can then act as a hub/proxy for as many accounts/server that there is possible port numbers (1-65535) maybe not use all, but some of them. The kids that use there server throu this online hub/proxy allways get the same portnumber so there friends allways connect to no matter if the kids router in front of the server change the IP. I dont know if its possible to check header info like in web servers when a client connect, but if thats possible then it can use names and not port numbers, like .........

    Somebody that see what im talking about and maybe can explain it a litle better?

    it dont need to be a plugin, it could be some kind of software that could run on the kids server. But the point is that the kid that have the server dont need to forward any ports in his router, he dont need to "buy" a ip or use any no-ip services. His friends that would connect to his server dont need any extra software att all, they connect to a online minecraft/bukkit server with a spesicif port number or name if possible. The software on the online server connects them togheter. Much like hamachi, but without need of hamachi software on the clients.

    and since theres only one port in use pr server the online server could offer that service to many bukkit servers.

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    • Wall of text.
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    i think i could solve this with a SonicWall router/firewall and used VPN, then the kids with the servers installes VPN clients that connect to the SonicWall and the i make rules that forward and translate incomming traffic on a given port to a given vpn connection. ip-cop and openvpn maybe?
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    Do you want to run multiple servers on the same IP but different ports?
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    no, i want to have a online service for a bunch of kids that run servers in there bedrom. This kids dont want to forward ports or do anything fancy like hamachi. They want a plugin or simple software that connects there bukkit server to my online service. Then there friends arround the world connects to my online service with to get to one server and 20001 to get to next server etc. etc.
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    Well, basically you'd need to be hosted on the same area so like a server hoster. Or you'd need a VPN/No-IP solution... if they really can't setup a simple Hamachi network, should they be running servers? But thats not my choice. I recommend they use Hamachi.
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    I'm sorry, what?
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  10. I think I know what he wants:
    Kid A puts the plugin into his plugin folder, opens the config and enters a username + password.
    Now when the Kid A's server starts up the plugin connects to a server (let's call it and authenticates with the username and the password. now opens a port and redirects all traffic to Kid A.
    So basically a no-ip service in form of a plugin and without the need of configuring the router as the client (Kid A) establishes the connection to instead of the other way around.

    pwb If this is what you want: No, there's no plugin out there and you would need more than just a plugin. Something had to authenticate the Kids and open/redirect the ports at
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    V10lator, YES. And yes, there must be some software on the that connects a given port to Kid A when he connects. Then Kid A gets his online port and Kid B gets etc. If this would have been possible then the clients dont need to install any software like hamachi to get to the servers for Kid A, Kid B etc. and the Kid A,B etc dont need to worry about using hamachi or doing changes in the router etc etc.

    I found a software called fpipe at McAfee for setting up tunnels, maybe that will work. I will give it a test and see.

    There is a bukkit proxy plugin that maybe could have been used, maybe togheter with fpipe. Let fpipe bring up the tunnel and have bukkit proxy handle the minecraft traffic.
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    Wouldn't it probably be easier for the kids to setup Hamachi? Because setting up tunneling software may not be the easiest thing to do for them.

    OT: I don't think there is a plugin that will do this, and I'm not sure if it will ever be made.
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