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    5000 People

    Is the a plugin that saves what you /copy after u restart server and delete the world? I want a fresh world for when 1.3 comes out but I do not want to get rid of my spawn that i took so long to build. I'm not sure if Worldedit does this but I don't want to test it.
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    There is. It's actually a feature of WorldEdit, called schematics. Schematics are saved in yourserverdirectory/plugins/WorldEdit/schematics. You can save a schematic using //schematic save mce <name> (The mce stands for MCEdit. Don't ask me why...). You can "paste" a schematic using //schematic load <name>.

    (P.S. Why do you want a fresh world for 1.3?? I don't know about your server, but mine changed for 1.2... Anyways, if you respond, be sure to mention np98765 somewhere in there, or just reply :p)

    Hope that helps!
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    5000 People

    Thankyou!!!!!!!!! reason i want to start a new world is because i want all the new features of 1.3 and alot of my players are unbalanced so I need to restart

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