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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Lacrosse, May 22, 2012.

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    Is there a plugin that turns the crappy looking Server CMD, into a cleaned up look? Like is SOO ugly and annoys me when I look at it, but it's nice to be able to see the commands and chat going on while in browsing the internet or something..

    So, any plugins that like, put everything the CMD records, into like a very cleaned up like, well IDK how you would explain it really besides that.
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    Frontend GUI -- Like McMyAdmin, maybe?
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    For SpaceBukkit I just need rtoolkit right? Because I have that set up already.
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    Yeah. The link I provided to the thread has all the information you need.
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    Spacebukkit all the way :)
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    I have tried SpaceBukkit before (I got 99% of the way through the setup), its a BEAUTIFUL tool. My only suggestion is to work on a simpler install, maybe a .jar we can drop in our /plugins and config a YML. I know its more work for the Devs but in the way I see it, it would 1. result in more users 2. result in more donations (once people see just how BEAUTIFUL and useful it really is.)

    SpaceBukkit <3

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    Already on the way :) We know installation is kinda difficult right now, but we thought functionality before installation.
    Our next update, 1.2, will include improved installation methods as well as much much new stuff :D
    <3 you guys
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    Hello there, I've looked at the plugin and it looks absolutely amazing. Im having a bit of trouble setting it up though. I have Wamp already set up, and I use Wamp for Hawkeye, a block logging plugin, so I have the mySQL set up and everything.

    I went to look for installing directions and was lead to a video, which I watched him just drag and drop the folder into somewhere. Im a little confused here.

    First of all, what folder do I drag in? I see Java, Web, and Scripts, and multiple folders inside Web and stuff. Do I drag In The Folder "Full"? And where do I drag this folder into using wamp?

    This plugin looks awesome and looks like a lot of time was put into making it amazing. I'd love to get this working on my server, just in need of a bit of help! Thanks :D
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