Is there a plugin like Essential's /seen command that says when a user will be on?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by LEOcab, Dec 22, 2012.

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    Essential's /seen is useful in telling when a user was last on. Is there a plugin that says when a user will be next on?
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    We have to wait for Java 10 to come out. The current java version can only look through the past and present.
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    Yes, Java10 will help alot with this.

    Java10 will be released when Scientist's invent time travel.

    No definite ETA...
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    Oh really? When will that be? I really need this feature... I saw some documentary from the 80's about atoms and stuff, how you can predict every action because of the way atoms move. Haven't they implemented that in software already? :(
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    People might be making jokes, but this isn't a bad idea. Record user's playing habits and then estimate when they will be on next. No doubt it can be done.
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    I want your head on a platter.
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    FirstSeenPlus was it called ?
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    I heard that Java 9 will also have it, but it will use up large chunks of memory until the JVM crashes due to the heap being overloaded.
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