Is it possible to have 2 Scoreboards PER player?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by SammurDev, Apr 15, 2017.

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    I've been trying to code a player unique sidebar scoreboard and a healthbar below the name. I got both working, but only seperately.

    The sidebar is inside a repeating runnable task and updates stats every second. The health below name has got its own methods.
    - Create objective
    - Define teams
    - Add players to teams

    When I add Scoreboard = Bukkit.getScoreboard().getMainScoreboard(); in the onEnable method, the sidebar scoreboard stops working.

    I also tried maintaining both scoreboards in one method, but the health below name won't work that way.

    I've been googling for decades, but couldn't find any solution. I saw some users writing that it is not possible to have 2 scoreboards at the same time per player.

    Is this true? Or is it somehow possible to add another scoreboard using NMS?
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    Do you mean you want to scoreboards, or do you want two objectives? If the former, then you can not do that. For the latter, you will have to post your code.
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    Well, I'm trying to use Sidebar + Below name at the same time.
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