Is Intel Atom good for Minecraft servers?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by honam1021, Feb 6, 2012.

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    I want to get new hardware which is more power efficency (Lower server bills).And I just need a 10 slot server,are Intel Atoms good enough?
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    Without plugins it will be possible to run a 10 slot server with an Intel Atom.
    The CPU is stressed enormous because of java.

    I recommend a fast, modern dualcore 3,0ghz+ and undervolt it.
    So you can save up to 40% wattage.

    Additional you can step down cpu speed controlled by hardware or software.
    So its possible to save up to 70-90% wattage.


    I reduced my wattage from 180W (the whole system) to 60W

    Its a 3,2 Ghz AMD cpu, see below ...
    cpu frequency is scaled by usage

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    I'm very interested in that, too.

    There are vServers available that have better CPUs and enough RAM, and there are cheap dServers with Intel Atoms. Which one is better? I'm not sure about it. A good CPU shared with others, or a Atom CPU just for yourself?!

    Anybody ever tried it?

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    You'll likely end up very disappointed with an Atom CPU.
    These are really weak CPUs with a large focus on low power consumption.

    I'll be surprised if an MC servers run half decent with just a single player online on those CPUs.
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    What hardware should I use?
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    Nathan C

    Any cheap dual core could do 10 slots with ease........Intel CPUs usually consume the lowest amount of power.

    The Atoms are meant for low, low power consumption and as as a result they are not that powerful. I mean my Atom dual core flies, but it is very weak in single-threaded applications, such as Minecraft hosting.
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    I ran a small private server for a while (me and 2 friends) on a dual-core Atom PC (which was also running a few other services, but nothing very CPU-heavy). While it was mostly usable, it wasn't brilliant (plenty of "can't keep up" messages in the log), and I'd say it would seriously struggle to host 10 players.
  8. I can run 5 people without too much trouble on an AMD E-350 Brazos (something like Intel Atom counterpart) with 20 plugins (note none are that cpu intensive).
    If you really want a cheap server you need to look at undervolting an I3 2100. I've seen someone run an I3 530 one at 8,5 watts (incl psu), but that's going as far as creating a custom PSU and all the likes and that's idle going in normal mode which automatically happens when you draw a certain amount of power it went to 40 watt and that was with 1 40 GB Intel SSD, 1 1GB ultra low voltage DDR3 Memory, no monitor and a ridiculous amount of soldering off and replacing parts ;)

    All in all Atoms can handle about 3 maybe 4 mainly due to it's in-order design. AMD E-350 I would say 5-7 without too much trouble. All depending on plugins also. Still it are only estimates I give and the upper end it really are best case scenarios.
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