Is CraftBukkit illegal? Serious question needing answered.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by TheMonster, Sep 7, 2014.

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    Looking for some clarification, any time that can be spared to do just that would be appreciated. I am trying to wrap my head around the greater implications here. I had asked this before and was shot down by what seems to be a malicious moderator. This is a serious question that will affect a lot of business decisions.

    Looking at the DMCA: CraftBukkit may not be distributed.

    Does this include server hosts that include FTP access or file access that allows the acquirement of CraftBukkit?

    Does this include the hosting of the software even without the ability to download it?

    If so, can't any server and server host be DMCA'd, further more the DMCA is just an action taken on the activity deemed illegal, making it still illegal whether or not the DMCA has been issued directly to the other parties or not, correct?
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    It's all dead as far as we know. And yes most likely illegal to run as well since the codes are DMCA'd.
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    I'm still running the 1.7.10 not going to stop either until there is a clear message about the future.
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    Padeius Etoh

    TheMonster the licensing issue that causes craftbukkit to be "illegal" has a couple of fixes available. The best fix will be a separation of the code to comply with the separate licenses that exist. Cauldron is working on a fix based on the forgegradle runtime injection system that allows files to be distributed separately to comply with the GPL and LGPL as well as the proprietary code of the minecraft server.jar. the Bukkit project is far from dead, a lot of dead wood is now gone, but bukkit is far from dead.
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    Craftbukkit has always been illegal to distribute, because from day one it infringed on Mojang's copyright (although they've never chosen to enforce it). If Wolvereness's claims are true then distribution of craftbukkit also infringes on his copyrights, and he is implying that he would enforce those claims. That means that any server distributing craftbukkit could potentially be sued by Wolvereness for copyright violations (at least until his contributions have been removed and rewritten by someone else, or the bukkit and NMS pieces are separated).

    I don't think running a copy of the server has the same problems. People just running the server aren't distributing copyrighted content, they're just making use of it.
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