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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ImminentFate, Jul 16, 2011.

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    About 15 seconds.
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    Every time I try to activate my server it gives me,

    'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

    How do I fix this?
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    ir say can not connect to craftbukkit .jar when i start the sever HElp
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    please read a few posts above you. Try running the installer again

    uninstall java, then download java 7

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    This might sound weird but after I downloaded bukkit auto installer, minecraft.exe couldn't be started. I had some java problems but i fixed it, still nothing. Weirder thing is i tried to launch minecraft on web and it worked :S Can someone help me?

    Edit: On browser, I typed the IP and server works.
    And when I click on minecraft.exe, nothing happens. No errors/no warnings.
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    Do you mean that minecraft no longer works? Because I have the utmost certainty that the problem is not with the installer.
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    I got that... just restart you cpu. And now my problem. When I click on the shortcut it says this error not on the command line but as a error page {:/Documents and Settings/My Name/Desktop/server/CraftBukkit Starter.bat is not a valid Win32 application. The starter used to work but know it won't. The ( was changed to a } or else it will make this :)
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    when ever i try to start my server i get this:
    "'java' is not recognized as a internal or external command,operable program or batch file."
    how do i fix this?
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    try getting java 7
  10. I'm getting a "Unable to acced jarfile C:\Users\MYNAME\Documents\CraftBukkit\craftbukkit.jar" error
    ending with a "Press any key" which closes the window. :(
    How do I fix this?

    (I did try to run it as adminstrator - with no change at all)
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    I have downloaded the bukkit auto installer and when I go through all of the setup instructions I click on the launch bat file to start the server but i'm finding it does not work. All it does is open the bat file then closes after a few seconds and does not start the server....... :(
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    After i auto-install Bukkit i attempt to open the CraftBukkit shortcut it puts on my desktop. The CMD window opens like normal but it says: Unable to access jarfile C:Users\Owner\desktop\craftbukkit\craftbukkit.jar
    Press any key to continue....
    *i tried to make the new craftbukkit.jar file in the craftbukkit folder and it still wont work!*​
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    If it says unable to access jarfile, run the installer again, until it works. Or get it manually. I did say that in the post. If it closes suddenly, try using the launcher that says "CraftBukkitStarter.bat" not java7 and stuff
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    I have tried running the installer about 20 times now, still hasn't worked. Where can i get the manual download?
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    i used the auto installer but it says that it cant find craftbukkit.jar. i downloaded the latest build and put it into the server directory but it still says the same message. any ideas?
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    Did you rename it to craftbukkit.jar after you downloaded it?
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    When I did this, it said that my computer couldn't access the file. Please Help!
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    It says failed to download or something like that.
    What to do please?
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    try running it again
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    I need help getting my server working... ive tried this on 2 different laptops and they both come up with the same message: ERROR: Unable to access jarfile C:\Users\ME\Desktop\Craftbukkit.jar
    Press any key to continue...
    and thats the message but no matter what i do on either comp it dosnt change
    plz help i rly want a craftbukkit server what do i do?
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    Hi there!
    I am having an java error( I think), this is what i get:

    Any help appreciated. :)
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    I have now tried it on yet another computer and tried it with every version of java 7 but the same freaking thing happens so plz help i want my server working again
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    something broke :O try getting craftbukkit again

    run the installer again. Also, PLEASE read just a few posts above your original. there was the exact same question

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    Hey there, I found your installer and used to get the files and stuff needed for my minecraft server. But when I attempt to start up the program it says "unable to acces craftbukkit-numers&stuff" So sorry for the stupid question that I must now ask how do I fix it from happen (btw: I didn't change anything when I installed it I only but the folder in my desktop instead of my documents)
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    Hmm yeah, don't know what.
    I run Windows 7 x64, tried uninstalling java and installing java 7, added java to my environment variables, also tried downloading different versions of bukkit and every time got the same error. :/

    Ok i have deleted everything, and downloaded it all again, only thing i did different is i installed bukkit in a different folder , and now it is working.
    Thank you for your reply.
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    Hi, nice idea, relly great!

    My english is bad and i have a problem, I can go on my serv with "Localhost".
    But when i put my IP it doesn't work, i checked all, my firewall, my ports, the propereties.

    I saw a guy who had the same problem, he said that his friends couldn't go on his serv cause there was a problem with the IP.

    So, is there a problem in the files?

    Or i did a bad thing?

    Please help me fast, I have a project with a friend and without you we can't continue.

    Help me soon and thanks for that "Auto installer" Great Idea

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    i have tried that so many times on all 3 comps with no change at all
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    How do I find my IP? I am a total newb to making servers and starting them up so I need help in extreme detail. I have the black box running with all the server mumbo jumbo and the Pail Server management open as well. What do I do now?
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