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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ImminentFate, Jul 16, 2011.

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    thanks bertware for helping me fix that problem, yet for some odd reason I am still only able to access my server via the localhost only the ip address access still reads as cannot reach server I have tried all the alternate starters included in the server program and still get cannot reach server what am I doing wrong
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    Hello there , i was woundering if anyone could help me wih my problem, i just downloaded this bukkit server autoinstaller, which is great sofar, but i can not connect to my server using "localhost" or "localhost:25565" i read your guide thingy, i also tried to connect using my 1pv4 adress, i have a 32 bit machine and i was woundering, could it be because i havn't edited the Run.bat file first? im not sure what things i need to change in it. Please help, thank you very much for your time :)

    I fixed the problem by opening the alternative batch file, but now anytime i go to log in it say's outdated server, i olny just updated my server, and it say's on my server log thing that it is up to date :( im confused

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    When i try to open it, it appears for a second then goes away anyone know why this happens?
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    Bukkit Server Errorr.jpg

    This is the error i am getting any suggestions/Help.
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    never seen that before... try downloading a 64bit version of java
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    I just downloaded the patch to the Bukkit server, but when I try to run the .bat file, and error comes up saying that I already have a server running from my port (25565). I am running 1.0.0 from another folder, but it's not actually running, like I have it set up, but it's not active. How do I delete the old port forwarding to enable my new 1.2.4 server? Thanks!
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    can you put up the alternative link because some people prefere a link that actually lets you download without asking you to pay.
  8. change download service that sucks!
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    Can you please add some other link to the download? That service is never available unless you're willing to pay for it.
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    Change the link please. I would really like to get the download. It asks me to pay and says that my IP is banned from their site and only way is to buy premium.... Do like a 2shared link so we don't have to wait 45 seconds to get the file or get to pay.
    P.S. Big thanks on this [cake]
  11. put a media fire link so we can get it faster
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    can you put up another dl link? it says that I try to bypass their download thingy if I press on the link and stuff like that really annoying
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    on the filefactory page, the download is halfway down the page. Scroll down
    And there is an alternate download. It's not even hard to miss
  14. I cant download it when i go to FileFactory it says i cant download it and there is no alternate download PLEASE HELP

    you really need to change the download place if should just be mediafire

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    i agree with this completely. i can't update my server because the filefactory thing is telling me that all free download slots are being used, and to download it without using a free download thing i have to pay
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    can you please put the file on something else? I cannot at ALL download the automatic installer, can you please do that again!
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    Very helpful program I'm making my server for the third time useing this. Just quick question. When I try to download the program it takes me to a website that I need to buy Premium on in order to download it. Can you please help me with this? Thank you in advance!:)
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    Please just change the downloadlink ._. filefactory is just crappy.Upload it via mediafire, dldirect. If you seriously want du add some ads that link it via adfly...
    Please, me needz this installer X.x
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    this is epic. I'm OK at batch, but this is by far beyond what I know XD
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    FileFactory is very annoying!
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    I got t theres an ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD!!!!! ImminentFate, When will Craftbukkit auto installer 1.2.5 out. I think my players are getting mad lol.
  22. No one like FileFactory
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    You can upload the file to another link please? is that I can not download! thanks
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    when will 1.2.5 come out?
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    hey do u think you can bring back the alternate link for the downloads cause when i go to filefactory it says all the regular member download section thingy is full an im DEFINATLY not goin to register.
    And is the patch thingy for updating the server? if so how do i use it andwhat do i do?
    thx in advance.
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    When is this going to update to 1.2.5??
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    Bill Kress

    The link you give is to some crappy file server that claims they are out of bandwidth and tries to extort money for you to upgrade to a level where they apparently have lots of bandwidth stored up.

    Aren't there other hosting locations? A git link?
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    1.2.5 out soon?
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    Please use mediafire. FileFactory is complete shit.

    I can never download off it. Rip off load of crap.
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    download link doesnt work! please fix
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