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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ImminentFate, Jul 16, 2011.

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    yes it is. try one of the alternate batch files
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    replace Java with "C:/Program files (x86)/Java/JRE6/Bin/Java.exe"
    Make sure the path is correct, I wrote an example path to java.
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    My updater keeps saying cant find how do i fix this!!!???
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    Instead of using the starters, I use the craftbukkit.jar and open it that way although it does take a lot out of my cpu usage. Is that okay as an alternative?:confused:
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    Where can I get 1.2.3 version?
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    may i make a suggestion?jar files are kind of a bother to myself,possibly others.could you make the next craftbukkit auto installer with a drag and drop feature that auto installs the jar files?it would simplify things a whole bunch to where pepole would rejoice.[like myself]
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    this tool can generate a bat file for any craftbukkit jarfile. (actually any jarfile) . You just have to select the jar file, and set the amount of RAM. (defaults are good, by default your best java installation is chosen)
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    what do you mean?

    yes its an alternative, but people will complain about lag if they install plugins

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    as far as I know, you won't get a user interface (Command line interface) if you open it that way. It will run invisble.
    But it'll work.
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    Why would you exactly unzip a .jar file? that's for modding only.
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    im just passing along an idea is could bypas everything instead of having migranes over a jar file with no plugin folder to exist.
  13. Is there an UNINSTALL button or whatever? please answer!
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    Hello, thanks for such a great tool, its taken me forever to set up a server due to java issues and 32/64 bit quandry i keep running into.

    it's working fine but i get the message "CButD: CraftBukkit is Outdate, try to download new version"

    I have tried downloading the reccomended build and replacing its jar with the jar that came with yours, and it doesnt seem to work.

    My question is, how do I update this?
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    The server has only a few people (for my friends), So I'm not doing alot with it.
    But still I'm working on the permissions, which is very hard for me.:'( :mad:

    "Edit" I went to "setting up a server" and found .bat command to use and it opened!

    I beleive there is one in your server directory.

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    dont listen to that message. It will give you an older minecraft version right now. but for future recommended builds, the new one will be downloaded into your bukkit_update folder
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    Sorry to bug you but I have a problem when I launch the .bat file for Java 7 it says:
    Could not reserve enough space for object heap
    I am kind of a noob at this and it would be great if you could help me.
    I have Java 7, and the operating system is Windows Web Server 2008 R2 64 bit.

    EDIT: Fixed it by lowering the minimum amount of ram or whatever in the Java 7 batch file.
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    Thanks ImminentFate, yesterday I tried pasting the craftbukkit from the update folder as i realised thats how you go about it, but when launching my server the dos window just instantly closes. The current craftbukket I have is 10.5meg and the one in the update folder is 2.6, so I guess I will just hang tight until a new one comes.

    Just updated now from the update folder, and it appears to be working! Thanks.

    Edit: Take that back, its was a minecraft 1.2.3 bukkit thing, for some reason when i replace the craftbukkit that came with this thread with it, no one can get on my server because its "Outdated"

    yet, when i use the old craftbukket the craftbukkit dos thing itself says its out of date!

    whats going on!

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    its cos the updater is trying to give you the newest beta build. 1.2.3 was the last beta, and 1.2.4 was on dev
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    Thank you so much without this it would take me so much longer to update my server ( i hate updating the jar)
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    umm i cant find a place to put plug-ins please help [cake]

    Hey i used the auto-installer and i cant find anywhere [sheep] to put the plug-ins please help please :DDDD

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    Put your plugins in the plugins folder.
    So if your server folder is called "server" then your plugin folder is "server/plugins"
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    umm i have the craftbukkit server folder/icon all the stuff n everything but when i open it, it pops open a command prompt like window and quickly says java not recongnized or something and then goes off... can anyone help? im not very good at this type of stuff
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    Oh gawd Can anyone help me? I installed this and did all it said BUT It does not work! I get this error:

    CButD: Craftbukkit is Outdate, Try to download new version,

    While i was done, Can anyone help me?
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    Come on, can't you read like, 6 posts above you?

    try one of the alternate batch files..

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    umm >_> how do i do that?
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    try this tool to create a proper .bat file. You might need to run is at admin.
    Just click "Create .bat file", then follow the steps that are described. It will generate you a custom launch file.
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    hmm this is odd when i go to run the server it runs properly yet when i try to access it via the game it says can't reach server via the ip address yet i can get in via localhost i have updated the craftbukkit.jar file to the current recommended build of 1.2.4-r1.0 have i done something wrong to cause this error when i look at the CMD window i see this for the error

    Could not load 'plugins\craftbukkit.jar' in folder 'plugins' org.bukkit.plugin.invaliddescriptionexception: invalid plugin.yml

    i have tryed all of the craftbukkit starter yet i still get the same error on all of them can someone explain this to me and yes i am running java 7
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    craftbukkit.jar shouldn't be in the plugin folder, because craftbukkit.jar is your server.
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    every time i start my server its says please stop the server and copy C:/users/barbara/desktop/minecraftserver/update/craftbukkit.jar to your main folder. And when i do and try to log into my server it says OUTDATED SERVER!
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