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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by ImminentFate, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Why does my map keep disapearing? Im just falling through air and to the unedning darkness.
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    Jenkins is currently down because of a high load amount...
    Just ignore this, until Jenkins is back online, and if you need a new craftbukkit build read the link above
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    Your server is laggy
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    my security scan says it was a threat..
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    I got on my server using localhost but how do my friends get on?
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    :(:mad:There is a virus in the download!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *oh, nvm im srry. My stupid Norton thing is a pain in my butt. apparently it has to be popular to download. wtf Norton.
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    aughh im on mac no 1.1 server for me :(
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    The are three antivirus programs that say this is a threat, norton included. But there is no virus

    Go to and get the latest file. It works for 1.1

    Go to and give them that address. For emaple if it says, they will use to connect

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    Why is it always virus on the patch? :(
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    I Keep getting this VERY long error msg with all this crap and i cannot for the life of me get Craftbukkit working. I have gotten in working on two other computers but NOT MINE!!! I have a 32 bit system, Vista, NVIDIA graphics card and i have NO IDEA whats wrong. I have tried over 10 different of thoe Echo OFF things and they ALL have failed, PLEASE help i REALLY need some help on this because my friends all depend on me to host and we have all been REALLY wanting a Craft bukkit Server. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling TWICE, it is currently uninstalled. I have tried just using the plain .jar files and using a .bat file just like that in a seperate file, it wouldnt come up! It is VERY frusterating and i have broken my fair share of keyboards trying to get it to work and i REALLY want this to work (and yogsbox to get updated but that wont happen for another 6 months)
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    i dont know how to get it started, im on it but no one else can connect :( any help? please respond asap
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    I've got error mesage while using spout build 644 (the latest one) is this normal ? It wont load and refused connection for people.
  13. Why do you have to pay for the download D:
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    i try to download it and i get a threat on norton and i know there isnt's a threat but it removes the download so i cant get the files how do i download it without a threat? HELP!
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    Because you don't have to. Those site always try to seduce you to pay their packages, by using a confusing design.
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    but i get a threat on norton and it removes the download
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    In my opinion Norton is the crappiest AV on earth... so disable it when you want do use your computer
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    thanks ill disable it then download and re able it after
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    Broken link.
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    I get a 404 - Page not found when clicking the dl link. If you have to use the download manager to get the file, then forget it. There is absolutely no need to have to use a download manager for a 10 meg file!

    Edit: I was blocking the cookie. What a crappy file hosting site!
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    How come the end doesnt work? It disconnects me and says i am hacking and then i log back on and die
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    Where are the older versions of this?
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    The Interface won't open back up after I changed the world name and the MOTD, I stopped the server once how do I fix this?

    It loads command prompt but not the interface after that.
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    When I go to download it, am I supposed to download iLivid. That's where the fileserve directs to. I've tried that a few times but iLivid refuses to work? Any ideas?

    Edit: When I try to run it, it says it has a message for me. It then freezes up won't download and the program ends.
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    Dude This server is AWESOME but the desktop shortcut didnt work for me or the batch files. it only worked when i ran the .jar file.
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    My friend tried this and still couldnt get on. Please help!
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    I keep trying to make a server with the seed as Glacier, but when I run the server it puts a different seed in. In the server properties file I change the name of the server to a different name, then change the seed, but when I run the server it puts in a random seed and keeps the new server name. I have windows 7 64 bit.
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    Hi I tried this out and everything worked fine except when I tried to load the server it said: [WARNING] CraftBukkitUpToDate: Can't connect to please help me
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    Hey, just registered so I could post this, FileServe no longer supports file sharing, is it possible for another mirror to be made?
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