Invisible mobs without particles?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Barinade, Mar 22, 2013.

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    How can I give a zombie an invisible potion effect without the particles playing?
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    turn off particles lol. you might be able to spawn a baby zombie, i dont know if they spawn less particles. then you can make it do more damage
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    The entire project is at a halt. I'm trying to make an invisible bat with a name, but once it's invisible you can't see the name anymore. No point.
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    Older versions of Essentials used to hide players somehow before they switched to invisibility potions.
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    If you cancelled player packets, the name plate wouldnt be sent either, which is what he wants.
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    Maybe player tag packets are different? See what TagAPI does.
  7. Did you find out a way to do it?
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    You can add potions effects without the swirls by adding a MobEffect to player/mob.
  9. He wants invisible mobs with a nametag, which is not achieveable with invisibility potion effect.
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    They used to do it like this:
    player.hidePlayer(Player player);
    player showPlayer(Player player);
    player.canSee(Player player);
    I have found your answer!

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  11. I'm not sure what to say..

    1. This thread is about hiding a mob, not player. To be specific, a bat.
    2. Even if this was about players, the thread you linked doesn't give an answer of any sort regarding his question.

    Next time, please read the thread you are commenting on, before doing anything, such as research to possibly help him. Also read the thread you are getting the information from for the thread you are commenting on. Confuzzling.
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    I'm not sure what to say either, the answer of whether or not this is possible is in the thread I provided. Use your inference skills before producing a doltish opinion!
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    What you are saying isnt true, it might say impossible, but that thread is old, with 1.6 nameable mobs etc there might be a cheaty way.
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