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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Joe Morris, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Joe Morris

    Ok, long story... I downloaded Bukkit and it came with Pail and everything... the next day I tried installing my first plugins. So I downloaded them and extracted them, put them in plugins folder and stuff but then when I opened my server, it would get TOTALLY spammed with [SEVERE] errors and stuff. So I deleted everything that wasn't in there yesterday. Now I have nothing in the folder... so I want to know the ABSOLUTE STEP-by-ABSOLUTE STEP instructions to installing plugins so they DON'T mess up my computer.

    Because I want Pail back.

    I have WinRAR, btw.
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    Installing plugins is not that hard, as long as you configure the plugins.
    There is no guide, that applies to every plugin.
    This applies to almost every plugin:
    Copy all the content from the download to the plugins folder and read through its documentation and config
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    First, DO NOT EXTRACT FROM THE JAR. Its not like modding minecraft where you open the jar with winzip or winrar. You download the jar, and then add that jar to the plugins folder. NOTHING MORE (Unless the plugin download requires more files, in which case their will be instuctions on how to get them)
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