Installing Minecraft 1.9 Prerelease into Bukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by RAmar, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Either I'm not searching with the right words or nobody has any easily obtainable information on any means of upgrading a server to 1.9 with Bukkit.
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    I saw all those and everyone keeps replying with saying Bukkit wont be released until 1.9 beta is finished. Thing is, I don't think I was being clear. I want to do the work of packing my own version and I'd like help doing that. To put it simple, I want to make my own Unofficial build before Bukkit has an official release.
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    King Rat

    Do it then?
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    Connor Mahaffey

    You do realize this would mean a ton of coding, right? It's not like all the Bukkit Dev's have to do is "drop" minecraft_server.jar into bukkit and send it away. There's a ton of code involved every time there's a new release.

    You're just going to have to wait for 1.9 Beta.
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    One moment, please hold while I link you to the 1 minutes 18 second long youtube video detailing step by step on how to install 1.9 into bukkit.
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    I think researching and learning how the process works is amazing :) go for it bro im not going to tell you this *It's not like all the Bukkit Dev's have to do is "drop" minecraft_server.jar into bukkit and send it away.* like some self important pricks tend to do on here :) Go for it !! good luck !
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    This is the start of a possible good carreer. being ignorant to what everyone says and believing in your own and that you can do this. I wish you luck :) sure you can find how to do it with some googling ithink :D
    and for the self important pricks (like wonderfully said before), be a little nicer, at least he's trying to :)
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    If you really, truly wish to start your own server mod, there are a great many approaches to it. I assume you are a java programmer (or some sort of c/c++/c# or other language). If you aren't a programmer already, you will have to learn that first.

    You can start with grabbing the CraftBukkit source and modifying it to your desires. If you manage to compile it using your won compiler (as opposed to grabbing the jar from you're on your way to starting to create your own custom server instance.

    You are getting a fair amount of negativity because of the sheer scope of the question. Creating your own server mod isn't going to be just a weekend of work. It will take you a great deal of hours/weeks to get one running, and much, much longer if you are not strong in programming.

    Good luck. :)
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    Where is the link, please?
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    Can't tell if trolling or serious.
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    Grab the CraftBukkit and Bukkit source code, open them up in your favorite IDE (be sure you have Maven set up), and go for it! :)
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    In all honesty, this is one of those subjects "if you have to ask, you're not ready for it".
    The Bukkit team uses quite a set of custom made tools, not all of which are available for us to use.

    If you're wondering why you're getting jumped by multiple people regarding this, it's because of the way you phrased the question.
    Not that there's much you can do about it, but the way it was phrased tells quite a bit about your current level of knowledge level regarding this subject.
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    There are so many cases of this, but you have to start somewhere, right? You just don't grab a computer and instantly become a master coder.
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    Certainly, you have to start somewhere.
    But that line mostly points out that some things are not the starting point.

    Basically along the lines of, if you're ready (knowledge/skill wise) to take on this problem, you won't have to ask the question.
    Unless you consider "go code something else for 2 years" a valid answer to the question :)
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