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Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by Amaranth, Sep 6, 2014.

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    I'm wondering if somehow contribute to the Bukkit project!
  2. It's all because MS have bought Mojang / Minecraft. Can't have people hosting their own free custom servers when they have a product to sell you to do the same thing. Probably bought most of the staff here as well. It is a day of sell outs.
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    Want to thank you for all the work you've done on this project. I ran a server for myself, my kids and friends and the Minecraft replay value from bukkit and plug-ins was tremendous. It really kept up the multiplayer interest and provided a way to make the game whatever you wanted it to be. I work in IT and was always impressed with how fast you (and all the plug-in devs) came out with updates, especially as volunteers and without access to real, commented source code for the game.
    Other posters, please keep your rude comments to yourself. Each of these people a lot of time into this and if you hadn't gotten some pleasure of out it then you probably wouldn't be on this site.
    Once again a huge thanks to all the bukkit volunteer staff and the plug-in devs.
  4. Too bad, loved the use of bukkit for my own projects and was about to release an admin/web panel. Thanks for all your hard work guys! I'm going to create a fully custom minecraft server version. Working with plugins, just like yours! If you want to join me and know how to read network packages or read their info from the wiki, please join me!
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    hellspawn3200 Lol I know this is way late, but I was just randomly reading the comments on this thread. So, you think Mojang (Microsoft, and it's no longer a rumor) is going to release its own API, its own version of Bukkit? That would kind of mess up the idea of SpongePowered.
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    Glad to say I was a part of Bukkit and Minecraft during it's development, I pretty much learned java via the Bukkit API, and I am going to soon make a career of that. Thanks for the great times, Bukkit team! (or should I say Pre-Microsoft Bukkit team?)
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    Just like Codename said... I have never seen a community fall apart so quickly. I stepped away for a couple of weeks, came back... and its gone. Yeah, Mojang says that they will pick up 1.8 where Evilseph left off, but how can you pick up after the ENTIRE team?

    Just crazy. Minecraft IS Bukkit. Bukkit is Minecraft. Microsoft, Jens, Notch or whomever should never, and should have never disturbed that. It was that combination (Bukkit / MC) that made Minecraft what it is today... Minecraft alone would have never achieved what it is today.
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    If you have more access to the actual source code and you're Dinnerbone you'd find you can update Bukkit.
    All he needs to do is intergrate it into the default server code basically.
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    I'm thinking there's a whole lot more to it than that. Are you saying that they are going to integrate Bukkit into Minecraft itself? I'm thinking that wont happen because im sure they are more focused on their own API. The only thing they are going to attempt is updating craftbukkit the way the Bukkit team updated it. The guys at Mojang who killed Evilsephs account probably haven't been keeping up with Bukkit, so im sure it's gonna take a while to get up to speed on the changes.
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    Maybe Microsoft will kill the new EULA?
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    are you kidding me? The "tech" has a goodbye message? I think I understand how bukkit is ran now, by a bunch of drama queens. No wonder it took months to get an update out. lol

    I stand by my statement of bukkit has been and was always ran by a bunch of kids with zero professionalism or business sense.
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    I wonder why you are here then and used it.

    Hm if Mojang/Microjang/Mojasoft will do the "bukkit updates" I'd assume they will take months instead of let's say one month. I mean it took years to get some variations of dirt and cobblestones... But who knows.
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    Try out Sponge, guys. Bukkit fucked up.
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    Bukkit had a good run but, seeing this happen is more then eye opening.
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    Uhm, what now :confused: What do we dooooo? :'(

  17. No, I don't think he did... I think he is disappointed that one person decided to file a DMCA C&D against bukkit because his code was used. (Warning: potentially wrong information, what I am about to say is my view of this situation) But the funny thing is, he gave them consent to use the code until he wanted to quit and pull his code. To me, that is very childish. So is this post, it's as if he is proud of ruining bukkit and the whole community almost single handed. A professional would had left his code as is and just quit, or released it into the public domain... To Amaranth I ask: WTF man?

    No reason to be a douche about it, you basically killed Minecraft multi-player. And before anyone says "you must think you were owed bukkit," or "the world does not revolve around you." I don't think these things at all! So I don't want to hear it! You (or whoever filed the C&D) could have released the said code into the public domain so others could take over, or you could have just quit without bi*ching about it and filing C&D's! I'm just trying to say you (or whoever filed the C&D) handled it the wrong way. No offence intended...

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  18. You're not mixing up Amaranth with Wolvereness, are you?
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    105 of her likes was from this; which deserves dislikes. No one likes staff leaving :(
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    It is simple, Bukkit wanted to quit but were unable to just walk out on Notch. However, Microsoft bought/is buying mojang and in the gaming world Microsoft is a bad entity when it comes to a community so their acquisition of Mojang / minecraft strikes fear in so many people. Best as I can tell Wolverness tried (though bit of a jerk doing it) to derail the microsoft purchase by his dmca on spigot, bukkit to no avail. Notch says he was not doing it for the money so he just sold for 2 billion divv your pot with us then...I was all for 1.8 and plugins etc and then poof...so at the core of this mess I would lay blame with Microsoft 100%. i would rather see NC Soft manage minecraft than MS...that is how badly I think Microsoft will fail with their acquisition.
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