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Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by Amaranth, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Why does bukkit have to go through this the day i decide"hey i think that i can learn how to make a private server...2 weeks later you know what, im gonna try bukkit! Im gonna have so much fun with my friends! *GOES TO BUKKIT WEBSITE AND CLICKS FOR DOWNLOAD. What!! NO NO NO NO NO! Why is this happening!!!* RESEARCHS ON WEBSITE WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING.*PUTS A SAD FACE :(. Why cant I have good luck for once!? I wanted to finally step out of my confort zone to do things i havent done before like port forwarding to be able to play with my friends and now bukkit but things just never go my way. i learned how to port to play with my friends. then decide i want a good server and this is happening to bukkit. Im really sad you have to go but, for your communitys sake cant you guys and girls do 1 last contribution for us? Dont do it for Mojang or whoever,do it for us ,please! All this threw down on my BIRTHDAY! Well if you guys decide not to i understand so... bye :'(
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    Mojang was warned, about the community being destroyed, if they wanted to enforce the EULA. They didn't listen :D

    Mojang is worse then the EA.
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    Short and to the point.
    10/10 would bang.
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    I see what you did there.
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    So, Just like that, Its all over? Minecraft is starting to die. Mojang is the next Nintendo. Deal with it. Minecrafts dieing and we can't do nothing about it. When bukkit dies, It all dies. R.I.P Minecraft, Servers, Bukkit, and The community.
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    Goodbye Bukkit. You where a good friend and a long-standing role model. You truly will be missed. And so a great dynasty falls into wreckage, echoes of your rein will echo for years to come. RIP.
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    I'll admit Bukkit is pretty much about dead, but within such revolution stages all we need is a new generation of developers and code!
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    bukkit will still work for existing plugins and builds, given you stay on the existing version of minecraft right? I guess I'll be stuck on 1.7 until the end of time :confused:
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    sorry i just had to.... Thank you to All who made bukkit such a great project and community! Let us hope that the transition to a new program will be swift

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    Goodbye :(, you will be missed!
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    Is this the revolution against Mojang? Why is everyone leaving? I don't understand why they can't just explain into detail what's really going on.

    Might as well crash land or bring out a slime block to survive the fall.

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    A google of your name does not come up with much. Posts on instagram, reddit, etc. A video of a kid that looks like he was born in 1991. I have no idea what you thought I would find.

    In any case, I do not feel I am owed anything by bukkit or their employees. They are free to stay or go in any way they see fit. I just feel it is in poor taste the way he went, juvenille. I know I am swimming against the tide here and that everyone in this thread seems to support the dissolution of bukkit, but I run a server with a few hundred people that use it to connect with each other. Many of them are disabled or otherwise unable to communicate socially. So the loss of bukkit and spigot would be disheartening. I don't share the same sense of glee that many of you seem to about losing bukkit. I think if there were problems at the management level, they should have been sorted out privately and this public display is a childish display of unprofessionalism. (I should note that I have no problem with the devs that left the project with well-thought, heartfelt posts about why they are leaving. That is a respectful way to leave.)

    So, no, I don't think the world revolves around me or my server. I just think the post seemed disrespectful to the community that have come to rely on bukkit and I am just expressing that sentiment. And if you want to flame me for wanting to hold on to my small community, you go for it.
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    A search should lead to This Which leads to This.

    I'm not trying to flame you, but your post came off as if you felt you were owed their devotion to the project. I'm glad Bukkit came as far as it did and I can't wait to see where the future takes us next, I have faith in the community that where Bukkit has fallen, something even more amazing will Raise. A little humor never hurt anyone, everyone has their own way of coping with things and this might be the OP's way.

    E: The instagram you mentioned isnt even mine, I have no clue whos it is actually. Also the youtube video you mentioned is a player from one of my servers who has made a few....interesting videos.
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    Technically Mojang wasn't enforcing anything. It was just a spiral of events that led us here, staring with Evilseph (At least from my perspective) stepping down. If anyone was "enforcing" anything, it would be one of the contributors, Wesley Wolfe, with his DMCA against all the builds he contributed to. IIRC, Mojang was actually willing to step in and allow the project to continue in the absence of EvilSeph.

    Honestly, I don't blame any of the staff for bouncing. I just hope they will look back with happy memories of their time spent on the project.

    Onwards Bukkit Community! INTO THE FUTURE WE GO!
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    Mojang has nothing to do with this, and they don't support the takedown either.

    In a few months no one's gonna care. Bukkit is not some revolutionary thing. It's a moddable server for minecraft. It'll be replaced in less than a year and no one will care about this stupidity anymore
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    Why is every one just quitting after this whole DMCA take down. I would help but im not a Bukkit Dev..How do I become one?
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    wheres dinnerbone now? since his last post i saw was about mojang owning bukkit, wouldn't mojang need to keep bukkit alive or?

    oh i get it, mojang bought out bukkit to make it fall apart, because they finally realized it was cheaper for players to host their own server with 4x the players then realms, and be able to add awesome plugins.

    or was the mic dropper retiring with a bang of an exit?

    stop me when I've struck a nerve... or a correct answer XD
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    I'd like to agree with you, but because of the DMCA stuff, there's not much anyone can do.

    What if this was all a massive troll? And on the 26th (a month after this started) all the devs get on and go "trolololol" along with uploading a new 1.8 build! :D #Optimism

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    I understand the DMCA and everything, but why are all of these bukkit developers whining?
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    Thanks for your large contribution to Bukkit - it certainly helped the other staff with the work load. Goodluck, and I hope you find some new project/community to work with (though I am sure it will be hard to find one quite like this).
    Have a good one,
    - Minty
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    I remember a couple of years ago, someone on a server I used to own called me a noob. I answered with, "Dude, I played Minecraft when Minecraft wasn't cool!" All my admins got a good laugh out of that. I can remember the day I discovered Minecraft in its early alpha stages. "Awesome lego set," was my first comment.
    As it developed and my own children got to playing it, I began to see the unlimited possibilities with it. I never had a lot of time to keep up servers and learn much about coding, but I dabbled. My own children have learned a lot from it. I have seen several major blowups over the course of time and the main thing that I have seen is that out of the ashes, new projects replace old ones. New mods are written to replace abandoned ones, new plugins to replace the old. Always changing, always breaking new ground.
    I have seen Minecraft stand against a previously undefeated enemy, boredom that comes with time. All games lose their momentum eventually. The difference is other games have a sequel that you can pay for again, but eventually it is just more of the same. Minecraft provides a place for everyone in an ever changing and adapting environment. If it doesn't do what you want it to, fix it.
    I have seen Mojang, though not openly, support this. That is why the purchase of Bukkit. Not to squeeze money out of it, but to support it and offer a form of protection from the eula. I don't care that a lot of my time, however little that may be, has been for free.
    What does irk me, though, is the big servers out there that make the ridiculous money off of not-so-bright kids that purchase a "diamond pick" that is really nothing more than a few bursts of electricity and some little blue lights that appear on their screen. I am all for donation based servers and even some profit, but it has gone overboard. Can we do anything about it? Yes. Remember the word "Scrolls?" Lets settle this with a contest. Only instead of "Halo" let's build a better server. Lets keep it off the pay to play charts. We can do it instead of Mojang. You can do it. Don't want to see Mojang take control of projects like Bukkit? Then I say lets take control back. The funny part is they really won't mind.
    While I am on this tirade, I would love to point out that the entire Minecraft community has some much bigger problems. All those websites that mimic projects and then use adfly to offer them to the public. I have seen most of these for mods, but they exist for every aspect of minecraft. They are the real copyright infringers. Come on people. We are the greatest force of programmers and hackers anywhere....ever. They are the real thieves and the reason things such as the eula even need to exist. Wanna do something about the problem we have? Lets fix it.
    I don't believe some drama can stop us from doing what we love to do. It never has before. It just changes the approach, that's all. So stop whining about what someone else did or didn't do. You do it. Let's do it.
    To hell with it, I will do it.
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    lol, this made my day
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    This is funny. It'll be nice when Mojang isn't in charge of the most popular server mod again. I'm surprised they haven't brought this up on the Mojang website.
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    The comic sans. :|
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    Does this mean that bukkit has officially been ended?
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