Inactive [INFO/WEB] WS v0.5 - Web Stat page for mcMMO(whith MySQL only) [1302]

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    Project is closed!
    Simple webstat writen on php5, now only for mcMMO whith MySQL and PHP 5.2.1+
    Version: 0.5
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    Download: Last version
    1. move files to web-folder on your website
    2. edit config.php
    3. chmod 777 "data"
    4. chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data"
    5. cake? )
    6. p.s. if you have "internal" problem try delete .htaccess
    7. if you disabled mining on your server:
      • open webstats.class.php found "AND ms.`mining` >0" (on line: 64)
        and delete this part, and all be ok
    8. p.p.s if css/js not load:
      • for IIS need change chmod "min" folder
      • go min/config.php
      • found $min_documentRoot = substr(__FILE__, 0, -15);
      • change it like $min_documentRoot = "c:\\xampp\\htdocs\\ws_for_mcmmo_folder";
      • its your path if you used windows, or '/home/accountname/public_html' if linux

    1. upload & rewrite all files except config.php
    2. chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data" if needed
    3. testing and comment

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    • perfomance relise & secure
    • add index_ajax.php for all ajax request
    • add posible gzip compression for css/js (minify_2.1.4_beta)
    • add cache images and others to .htaccess
    • add google charts :D (ideas?)
    • need mining > 0 for adding to table
    • now limit 1000 users whith biggest mining skill
    • fix some html errors

    v 0.3:

    • add icons & tooltips
    • some fixes
    • fixed "zebra"
    • fixed width
    • remove page "users" & add it to popup on click name
    v 0.2: (need chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data")

    • add powerlevel
    • some bugfix
    • some cleanups
    • compare php version
    • add config (time_cache, prefix)
    v 0.1:

    • initial relise
    • caching 120s
    • json data for API
    • list users and skills

    • better functional
    • chek all variants for work
    • party(?)
    • search functional
    • fix some css errors
    • cache not only json
    • add weeks ratings and all for it
    • tool tips
    • charts and other graf
    • add power level
    P.S. Waite for your comments and sorry for my english )

    working for food, writing sites to order :)
    if you want remove or replace my copyright do this:
    open js / tooltips.js and remove
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    hi great work on this... all works except it doesn't show all my users, it only shows 10 random ones and doesn't change from the same 10.. Any ideas??
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    The webmaster of the norwegian community did it possible to add it to every person, because when you registrating on the website you need to give the minecraft name, and on his profile, you can look at only his skills ;D
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    It only shows 3 users information and I deleted the contents from the users_skills.json file but it still shows only 3 users. I have more users online and playing. Anyone have a solution?

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    You can try out my project. It works does not use a flatfile, takes information right from mysql.

    to download go here
  6. the dropbox-link is down =( could pls someone else upload it again for me?
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    help me i am new and i don't know why this:
    MySQL Error!

    The Error returned was:
    Table 'mcmmo.users' doesn't exist

    Error Number:

    and i can't change mode because my web server runs on windows
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    I have a strange issue - My webstats page is working, but only one person is actually displayed there. In-game the /mctop command displays more players, but this is the only one who displays. You can see it here:
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  10. one of the last updates to this was,,,
    - now limit 1000 users with biggest mining skill

    i actually cannot remember where this setting is put, but just check every file and search 1000. I have fixed it on mine

    Although im having a problem of my own, the first time i ran it, it added every player. But it has not refreshed at all since, all the file permissions are correct, its running on local host, and ive moved the timout around from 300 to test. I still cannot get it to update

    anyone have any ideas?
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    "No data available in table"

    Whats the problem? Mysql is full of levels, and this doesn't work
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    Where is fishing skill?
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    Try chmod 777 "data" and then chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data" that fixed this issue for me
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    Didin't helped. Can this be because this stands on my VPS ?
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    Believe it or not this still works even in 1.3.2!
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    I'd think so, all it does is get stats and display them on a php file on your website :)
    Updates of this plugin would be nice thoughh.
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    Anyone know how to disable it for certain stats?
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    Webpage doesnt load for me.
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    Could someone add support for the fishing stats? :)
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