Inactive [INFO/WEB] WS v0.5 - Web Stat page for mcMMO(whith MySQL only) [1302]

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    Project is closed!
    Simple webstat writen on php5, now only for mcMMO whith MySQL and PHP 5.2.1+
    Version: 0.5
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    Download: Last version
    1. move files to web-folder on your website
    2. edit config.php
    3. chmod 777 "data"
    4. chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data"
    5. cake? )
    6. p.s. if you have "internal" problem try delete .htaccess
    7. if you disabled mining on your server:
      • open webstats.class.php found "AND ms.`mining` >0" (on line: 64)
        and delete this part, and all be ok
    8. p.p.s if css/js not load:
      • for IIS need change chmod "min" folder
      • go min/config.php
      • found $min_documentRoot = substr(__FILE__, 0, -15);
      • change it like $min_documentRoot = "c:\\xampp\\htdocs\\ws_for_mcmmo_folder";
      • its your path if you used windows, or '/home/accountname/public_html' if linux

    1. upload & rewrite all files except config.php
    2. chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data" if needed
    3. testing and comment

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    • perfomance relise & secure
    • add index_ajax.php for all ajax request
    • add posible gzip compression for css/js (minify_2.1.4_beta)
    • add cache images and others to .htaccess
    • add google charts :D (ideas?)
    • need mining > 0 for adding to table
    • now limit 1000 users whith biggest mining skill
    • fix some html errors

    v 0.3:

    • add icons & tooltips
    • some fixes
    • fixed "zebra"
    • fixed width
    • remove page "users" & add it to popup on click name
    v 0.2: (need chmod 666 for all .json files on folder "data")

    • add powerlevel
    • some bugfix
    • some cleanups
    • compare php version
    • add config (time_cache, prefix)
    v 0.1:

    • initial relise
    • caching 120s
    • json data for API
    • list users and skills

    • better functional
    • chek all variants for work
    • party(?)
    • search functional
    • fix some css errors
    • cache not only json
    • add weeks ratings and all for it
    • tool tips
    • charts and other graf
    • add power level
    P.S. Waite for your comments and sorry for my english )

    working for food, writing sites to order :)
    if you want remove or replace my copyright do this:
    open js / tooltips.js and remove
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    not upload all files, all upload to wrong place
    пожалуйста, сегодня добавляю..как раз доделать пытаюсь новый релиз :)
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    Any chance you could post an older version, please?

    Phpb5.1 compatible?

    Many thanks.
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    yes i can, but some features not worked )
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    example... add Iconomy status -> how much cash player have
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    what plugin you used? ico?

    now testing and working for v0.6
    already done:

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    Yes iConomy 5.0.1
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    Well, which features? Honestly, at this point; I'd go with some not working then not being able to use any at all.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you did upload it. I don't want to mess with my OS just yet to get PHP installed.
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    users_skills.json contains nothing but "[]"
    The database works, however, the users_skills is not getting anything...
    users.json is refreshing, can you please help me? Do you have any idea of the reason for this?
    my website:
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    for my players doesn't show the party they are.
    In the file "data" the party names are included, but when I click to a player, shows only the datalogin, without the party.
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    When it's finished ?
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    My style failed D: .. Help Plss
    I changed the min because the style already got lost before :/
    My min/config.php

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    * Configuration for "min", the default application built with the Minify
    * library
    * @package Minify

    * Set to true to log messages to FirePHP (Firefox Firebug addon).
    * Set to false for no error logging (Minify may be slightly faster).
    * @Link
    * If you want to use a custom error logger, set this to your logger
    * instance. Your object should have a method log(string $message).
    * @todo cache system does not have error logging yet.
    $min_errorLogger = false;

    * To allow debugging, you must set this option to true.
    * Once true, you can send the cookie minDebug to request debug mode output. The
    * cookie value should match the URIs you'd like to debug. E.g. to debug
    * /min/f=file1.js send the cookie minDebug=file1.js
    * You can manually enable debugging by appending "&debug" to a URI.
    * E.g. /min/?f=script1.js,script2.js&debug
    * In 'debug' mode, Minify combines files with no minification and adds comments
    * to indicate line #s of the original files.
    $min_allowDebugFlag = false;

    * Allow use of the Minify URI Builder app. If you no longer need
    * this, set to false.
    $min_enableBuilder = true;

    * For best performance, specify your temp directory here. Otherwise Minify
    * will have to load extra code to guess. Some examples below:
    //$min_cachePath = 'c:\\WINDOWS\\Temp';
    //$min_cachePath = '/tmp';
    //$min_cachePath = preg_replace('/^\\d+;/', '', session_save_path());

    * Leave an empty string to use PHP's $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].
    * On some servers, this value may be misconfigured or missing. If so, set this
    * to your full document root path with no trailing slash.
    * E.g. '/home/accountname/public_html' or 'c:\\xampp\\htdocs'
    * If /min/ is directly inside your document root, just uncomment the
    * second line. The third line might work on some Apache servers.
    $min_documentRoot = '';
    $min_documentRoot = "c:\\xampp\\htdocs\\ws";
    //$min_documentRoot = $_SERVER['SUBDOMAIN_DOCUMENT_ROOT'];

    * Cache file locking. Set to false if filesystem is NFS. On at least one
    * NFS system flock-ing attempts stalled PHP for 30 seconds!
    $min_cacheFileLocking = true;

    * Combining multiple CSS files can place @import declarations after rules, which
    * is invalid. Minify will attempt to detect when this happens and place a
    * warning comment at the top of the CSS output. To resolve this you can either
    * move the @imports within your CSS files, or enable this option, which will
    * move all @imports to the top of the output. Note that moving @imports could
    * affect CSS values (which is why this option is disabled by default).
    $min_serveOptions['bubbleCssImports'] = false;

    * Cache-Control: max-age value sent to browser (in seconds). After this period,
    * the browser will send another conditional GET. Use a longer period for lower
    * traffic but you may want to shorten this before making changes if it's crucial
    * those changes are seen immediately.
    * Note: Despite this setting, if you include a number at the end of the
    * querystring, maxAge will be set to one year. E.g. /min/f=hello.css&123456
    $min_serveOptions['maxAge'] = 1800;

    * If you'd like to restrict the "f" option to files within/below
    * particular directories below DOCUMENT_ROOT, set this here.
    * You will still need to include the directory in the
    * f or b GET parameters.
    * // = shortcut for DOCUMENT_ROOT
    //$min_serveOptions['minApp']['allowDirs'] = array('//js', '//css');

    * Set to true to disable the "f" GET parameter for specifying files.
    * Only the "g" parameter will be considered.
    $min_serveOptions['minApp']['groupsOnly'] = false;

    * By default, Minify will not minify files with names containing .min or -min
    * before the extension. E.g. myFile.min.js will not be processed by JSMin
    * To minify all files, set this option to null. You could also specify your
    * own pattern that is matched against the filename.
    //$min_serveOptions['minApp']['noMinPattern'] = '@[-\\.]min\\.(?:js|css)$@i';

    * If you minify CSS files stored in symlink-ed directories, the URI rewriting
    * algorithm can fail. To prevent this, provide an array of link paths to
    * target paths, where the link paths are within the document root.
    * Because paths need to be normalized for this to work, use "//" to substitute
    * the doc root in the link paths (the array keys). E.g.:
    * <code>
    * array('//symlink' => '/real/target/path') // unix
    * array('//static' => 'D:\\staticStorage') // Windows
    * </code>
    $min_symlinks = array();

    * If you upload files from Windows to a non-Windows server, Windows may report
    * incorrect mtimes for the files. This may cause Minify to keep serving stale
    * cache files when source file changes are made too frequently (e.g. more than
    * once an hour).
    * Immediately after modifying and uploading a file, use the touch command to
    * update the mtime on the server. If the mtime jumps ahead by a number of hours,
    * set this variable to that number. If the mtime moves back, this should not be
    * needed.
    * In the Windows SFTP client WinSCP, there's an option that may fix this
    * issue without changing the variable below. Under login > environment,
    * select the option "Adjust remote timestamp with DST".
    * @Link
    $min_uploaderHoursBehind = 0;

    * Path to Minify's lib folder. If you happen to move it, change
    * this accordingly.
    $min_libPath = dirname(__FILE__) . '/lib';

    // try to disable output_compression (may not have an effect)
    ini_set('zlib.output_compression', '0');

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    how often does this update to the mysql tables? is there a way to change the time? i see


    would this be it?

    if so is this minutes, seconds, or some other time? thanks!

    As of 9:33pm my time pacific, there is only 1 name on here, should be 2 since we are testing still.
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    When finish next version? :)

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    300- sec
    soon, i'm ill...
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    Hope you feel better soon. Get better before you go buildin :)
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    im having an issue with the stats updating to the site itself... I did a fresh download, set up the db connection info, and placed in proper web folder. It seems that WS isn't getting the information from the db at all. i am supposed to have at least 1 user on this:

    since im testing it would only be myself.

    any thoughts on what to do? where to to start?
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    i see all ok )
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    ya it just wasnt loading. had been longer than 5 minutes... but hey it works now so must not be broken lol
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    What are the requirements for this?
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    I don't understand them "Prefix and Cache" part.
    What do I put there?
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    do not change if you dont know

    and i'm fine now, work continue, eh...
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    I'm sorry, the main reason I never could get ANY MySQL database to work at all is I had random tabs and that screwed up the code.
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    I use this on my site and i am currently trying to make a character page i was wondering is there anyway to access only 1 user from the stats so there own information would show on the page i am making.

    at the moment i have created a layout a character image and what stats i want it to show but just not sure if can get the individual stats to show on that page.

    But i notice when you click on the players name that it shows there skills in a garph is there anyway that this box would be able to be inmplumented onto another page?
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    i can do all what you say, give me only tech docs and samples of layout
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    Here is the profile page layout some pics may not show sorry

    but either to have the stats to go into the table i already created or for the grath bit to go on there.

    Many thanks

    Attached Files:

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    yeah we have a few plugins on the server so im trying to make a nice profile page for the people who play

    useing ......
    for the 3d Skin (with a few extras i have added) for mcmmo stats (which where i need your help) for iconomy (which i have asked for help from person how to link only a single playes iconomy but getting no answer at moment.)

    but hoping with all 3 will make a good profile page.
    do have them on seprate pages as well so can see everyones but profile makes you feel like you have a personal space.

    all pages at
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    Im sorry but my username is FluxJay and I dont know why you ban me when i entered the server for 2 minutes . Could you please unban me xD i have a friend playing in your server . Thanks
  31. Bye, I have big problem with loading css/js in min folder.

    I try edit my min/config.php and replace this line:
    $min_documentRoot = substr(__FILE__, 0, -15);

    $min_documentRoot = "c:\\xampp\\htdocs\\ws_for_mcmmo_folder"; 
    $min_documentRoot = "/home/accountname/public_html";

    This fix isnt help me :(

    Sorry, for my bad english and please help me.

    This is example:

    Thanks very much.

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