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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Ziden, Aug 13, 2011.

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    Howdy. Does anyone knows how this works out ? Im having a flood of this:

    [INFO] Unsupported Operation. I dont know from witch plugin this comes from, using
    Factions iconomy bukkitperms permbridge herochat towny citizens worldedit worldguard spout for example
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    I don't believe that I have ever seen the error before. The only thing I can think of is that you are using PermissionsBukkit and are not using build 1000 or higher.
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    UnsupportedOperationException is likely being thrown somewhere.

    Decompiling the plugins and running this command might find where the problem is occuring:
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    I'm gonna jump in here and say I am having the exact same issue. I also share all of the plugins you just listed except for Towny (so much for singling things out :D).
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    What version of Bukkit are you using (1000 or 1060)? Also, can you check to make sure that all of your plugins are uptodate?
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    Sure thing! I am using build 1060. Not all of my mods are up to date, however. These are the following mods that are builds 953-1000:

    CookieMonster [1000]
    HeroChat [953]
    HiddenDoor [935]
    iConomy [953]
    ScrollingMenuSign [1000]
    TimeFold [953]
    Transporter [1000]
    WorldEdit/WorldGuard [1000]
    PermissionsBukkit [1000]
    Showcase [1000]
    CommandSigns [953]
    Netherfire [1000]

    I know, it's a lot. [pig] It's weird because they all work fine, I implemented them into the server one by one, and have had not a problem until just recently. Actually, "problem" is a strange word for it, given that I haven't noticed any REAL issues, beyond the annoying spam.

    I have also noticed that it does not begin until others log in and start moving around the server. If I'm the only one on, it doesn't seem to give me issues.

    I tried disabling several of the mods with no luck, but I will likely continue this practice on a duplicate server to see if any particular mod is the root of the problem.

    I just know that I haven't added anything new that is being used today, and the problem only just started earlier.
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    Do you both have spout? and is it updated to 1.0.2? If you are using spout do you have the old bukkitContrib still in the folder? if so take it out.
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    My Spout is up to date, and I never used it until the latest release.
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    Does Hero Chat support SuperPerms yet? try running the server with out it.. not sure if it will work.. just a test.

    I would also try removeing showcase unless it is updated to 1060
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    It hasn't been changed as far as I know, but the SuperPerms bridge has been working with it so far. I will try disabling both it and Showcase to see if it resolves the issue.

    I'll probably disable them one by one. The only issue is, sometimes I get spammed utterly and completely, and then when people stop getting onto the server, I end up getting nothing at all, or nothing for about 30 minutes to an hour. So it's hard for me to really test unless I've got a bunch of people all in the way that are irked when I end up restarting the server when I bork it. XD

    And when I ask what they're doing, they're normally just standing around or climbing up ladders or something at the time of the messages. It's so weird.
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    My guess is showcase. But I really don't know. I have used all those others successfully with 1060.. so that's why its my guess.
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    Actually, I think I MAY have found the problem. Whenever I speak in a particular channel in HeroChat, it gives me the error. Will disable it (or see if there is anything in the config that may have depended on the old Permissions system) and see if I get the error again from anything else.

    I'll update you guys further.

    UPDATE: Confirmed that this is a HeroChat error for me.
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    its herochat, not supporting superperms....
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    HeroChat has been updated and has been working for me since. :)
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    I have same problem, except I have more plugins...
    plugins (open)

    TextPlayer, GiftSend, Residence, CustomCrafting, boosCoolDown, PlayerTracker, TeleConfirmLite, NoMovedTooQuicklyKick, uCalc, MobDisguise, BukkitHTTPD, Command iConomy, MultiInv, CommandBook, commandBlocks, AdvancedBans, Memo, Reporter, MCStats2, ForeverALoad, WorldGuard, GlobalShop, PlugMan, MineCal, TNTWarner, SuperLog, playerList, Rakamak, MCDocs, OpenInv, VanishNoPickup, SheepFeed, WorldEdit, bShortcut, ToolNotifier, ItemLogger, SkinAdder, iConomy, PluginsManager, OffLine, PlayerLogger, ShowCaseStandalone, MinecraftViewer, CartJump, ItemID, bLog, Runecraft, Seats, Tips, AutoSave, Permissions, RemindMe, dynmap, PermissionsBukkit, LWC, SimpleClans, DeathTpPlus

    Was the overall issue being a plugin that doesn't support superperms (isn't updated to support it)?
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