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    Tips - periodic server messages:
    Version: v1.1

    BukkitDev project page

    This plugin will allow you to set custom messages to be broadcasted by the server periodically.
    A similar plugin with more features is rTriggers.

    • Global, per-world and per-group (via permissions) tips
    • Use colour codes on your tips
    • Different sets of tips with different periods
    • Show tips randomly or sequentially
    • Configurable in settings file (plugins/Tips/config.yml)
    • /tips reload command to reload the config file, available to ops or users with "tips.reload" permission, if Permissions is installed
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    Yes it still works fine but I like to have all my plugins up to date so I don't have to worry about possible conflicts. :)
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    You should add a command to disable tips for experienced users
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    If the plugin is working fine and nothing in the code is broken... well... he won't really have to update anything anyway. The plugin is perfectly up to date and the only thing needed is to change to title to the latest RB. xD

    At least that is what i would do. Why change the code if it is still working? xD
    No changes needed right?
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    I completely agree. My bad for being stupid lol
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    :( I keep getting "Invalid tips configuration file" Which is fairly frustrating.

    # tips by world, or 'global' for all worlds
    # delay/period is in minutes
    # color code: $x, where x is the color code [0-9a-f]
      - period: 5
        delay: 0
        random: true
          - "$1Coming Soon: $3Upload your screenshots straight to our online gallery!"
          - "$6Members: $eWant to make a massive ship that sails? With Movecraft you can!"
          - "$2Players: $aNeed to keep your chests private? Lock it with Lockette!"
          - "$2Players: $aLearn how to create a protected town by visiting the Wiki! $bhttp://wiki.wincraftmc.net/"
          - "$2Players: $aShort on money? Get £100 for each forum post!"
          - "$2Players: $aUse '$5/fasttravellist$a' to see the waypoints you have discovered! Type in '$d/ft <waypoint>$a' to Fast Travel to that waypoint!"
          - "$2Players: $aLevel up your skills and get new abilities with mcMMO!"
          - "$2Players: $aNeed help with Towny or mcMMO? Visit $bhttp://wiki.wincraftmc.net"
          - "$5Tip: $dFeel like you are limited? Sign up at $bhttp://wincraftmc.net/forum/"
          - "$5Tip: $dStuck in a lag hole? Right-Click it."
          - "$5Tip: $dHad troubles connecting to the server? Add our IP $b176.31.153.27$d to your server list."
          - "$5Tip: $dBefore asking a question, see if the answer is on our Wiki: $5http://wincraftmc.net/"
          - "$5Tip: $dView Server rules with '$5/rules$d'"
          - "$5Tip: $dConnection problems? Post a screenshot of your error on the forums and we will do our best toh help you."
          - "$dVisit $bhttp://wincraftmc.net $afor news, forums, the store, downloads and much more!"
          - "$dView our store selection with '$5/buy$d' and help us keep the server running!"
          - "$aComes join us on TeamSpeak3 24/7! Connect to $bts.wincraftmc.net:9532"
          - "$aPlease report all Towny griefings to a Moderator or Admin ASAP"
    The yaml is fine, I checked it all and everything with the yaml parser.

    2011-12-19 14:44:50 [INFO] [Tips] Invalid tips configuration file.
    2011-12-19 14:44:50 [INFO] [Tips] version 1.0.2 enabled
    EDIT: I've tried getting rid of the single quotes within the tips, but that didn't work either.
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    dafuq? i tried removing everything that looks weird, special characters, possible extra spaces (4 needed for yaml if im correct) etcetera
    not even the config.yml example is good
    Invalid tips configuration file.
    Can we get an automatically generated folder with the basic config, right after a server reload?
  8. Where do I get the config.yml?
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    Is this Plugin usable for a 1.1 Server?
    I've copied the example text but nothing is changing on the server- /tips reload couts this:
    Invalid tips configuration file
    I hope you can help me, it sounds like a really good plugin.

    My config.yml:
    # tips by world, or 'global' for all worlds
    # delay/period is in minutes
    # color code: $x, where x is the color code [0-9a-f]
        - period: 1
          delay: 0
              - "$3Registriere dich in unserem Forum auf www.unitedminers.de.to!"
              - "$3Unterstütze den Server für mehr Slots und bessere Leistung und du bekommst spezielle Rechte- weitere Infos im Forum."
    world United:
        - period: 1000
              - ""
    world United_nether:
        - period: 1000
              - ""
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    Plugin works fine.
    change "world United:" to "United:"
    And "World United_nether:" to "United_nether"

    You just shouln't use 'world' in front of your world name.
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    I REALLY LIKE THIS PLUGIN. But on the Mac I can't go to github so can u make more downloadable places like bukkitdev or ad fly
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    You can get on github if you tell it to accept the certificate. I uploaded it to bukkit-dev too, though: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tips/
  13. not creating a folder Tips and config.yml ... i made Tips folder and config.yml myself and copied ur "example config" there but it only shows "Another minute has elapsed"
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    thank you it worked
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    Please update to the lates RB

    is delay the number of minuets between each tip? and on the Tip section
    when i makee of of the tip is it going to have it in the [ ] like [Tip]:

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    Ummmm... how do you get rid of the sequential tips and what are they used for cause i find it very annoying that all of my lines have tips and its followed by sequential tip 1 sequential tip 2 etc.And when I try to remove these they just leave gaint spaces in the Minecraft chat bar....as shown:

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    Nice plugin. I have one suggestion: Allow for some deadspace/blankline above & below the tip text, like an embedded <CR> or something to help the text stand out better in a busy chat environment, or multi-line tips. Like this:

    blah blah blah
    blah blah blah
    blah blah blah
    blah blah blah


    blah blah blah
    blah blah blah


    blah blah blah
    blah blah blah
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    Long time no see maczydeco. You will notice that this thread has now been placed into the Inactive Plugin subforum.
    If you wish to revive this plugin, please ensure that you update and test compatibility with the latest recommended Bukkit build before reporting your original post, asking for it to be moved back to the release forum.

    Thanks for your time.

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