[INFO] Stopwatch v0.1b [#454-1337]

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    Version: 0.1b

    StopWatch adds a simple to use stopwatch to Minecraft.
    You want to know, how long it takes to flatten a hill? For how much time you have to pay your guest workers? But you are weak at mental arithmetic? Or prefer to play in fullscreen mode and don't have a clock at your table? Then StopWatch could be an option.

    • Every player has up to 6 stopwatches with selectable names.
    • If you are in hurry and dont want to type a name, leave if blank, and the name default will be used.
    • Each stopwatch can be startet and stoppen separately.
    • The data won't be get lost at disconnect, they are available until server shutdown.
    • There is a command to list all own stopwatches, if you forgot the names.
    Download, Commands and Details:

    • StopWatch v0.1b (Mar. 07, 2011)
      Works with CraftBukkit 493
      • Removed TSLPC
      • Fixed commands to work after Craftbukkit #454
    • StopWatch v0.1 (Feb. 08, 2011)
      Requires Bukkit 271 (but should also work with any version)
      • Initial release
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    Would you mind listing the command(s) and permission node(s), if applicable?
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    It's all at the linked page
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    using the latest recommended build, i get this:
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    Handy plugin, I've always wondered how long it took for me to run through my mines and back!
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    Cool Plugin! It would be cool to set a start/stop block. If you use a command like "/sw setstart <from> <stopwatchnumber>" come a message like "Now click on a block to set the start block". Now if someone go above the block it shows stopwatch is started. To stop the stopwatch you must run about a stopblock (setting with "/sw setstop <from> <stopwatchnumber>"). This idea is well to make a race.

    /sw setstart <from> <stopwatchnumber> - Set a startblock
    /sw setstop <from> <stopwatchnumber> - Set a stopblock
    <from> - the user who stop the time (don't have to but can be the one who set the block
    <stopwatchnumber> - The stopwatch you want to use/start/stop
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    Nice idea, I will attend that when I got LB v1.00 done
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    Thank you! It would Be cool to have a confic file where you can Set the amount of maximum per Player.
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    Can I request a feature enhancement?

    This! ---^

    I was just about to type this. I've made an obstacle course, and I have pressure switches at the beginning and ending of the course. It would be neat to announce who started the course and their finish time.
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    this MUST happen. Please
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    When I get the time, sure.

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