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    Statistician v2.0 - Detailed stats tracking

    This is a continuation of ChaseHQ's original Statistician project which has unfortunately become inactive now. We hope to keep it going and bring you some brand new features! Check out the change log at the bottom for what we've done so far.

    • Tracks a number of different stats (list coming soon)
    • Comes with Web Portal to show off your stats to everyone!
    There are separate downloads for the web portal and plugin file. They can be found on our BukkitDev page:

    Installation (Plugin)
    1. Drop JAR file into plugin directory
    2. Run Bukkit once, it will make a config folder
    3. Create MySQL Database
    4. Create a user for that Database and grant it a ALL Privliges on that database
    5. Edit the config file with your database settings
    6. Start bukkit up again, it should connect and auto create the database
    Installation (Web Portal)
    1. Drop the web portal folder into a web served folder
    2. Open the config.php file in the Statistician folder
    3. Edit the database connection settings
    4. There is also a table in the Database called 'config' with some settings that are self explanatory
    Need some help? If you have any questions of comments then either leave it here on this thread or on our BukkitDev forum.
    Alternatively if you want to submit a problem then you can submit that to our Bukkit Dev ticket section.

    Source Code
    The project is open source and we encourage people to help us out. You can find the source for both the plugin and the web portal on our Git pages:

    Changelog (plugin)
    • Version 2.02 (#1337) - 21/10/11
      • Fixed a bug when a Citizens NPC killed something
      • Updaed to #1337
      • Remove: Permission Statistician.ignoreOverride.
      • Fix: ClassCastException when a skeleton kills another creature. (Ticket #1)
      • Add: Minecraft 1.8 blocks and items to the database.
    • Version 2.0 (#1317) "Initial Release" - 15/10/11
      • Updated for latest RB
      • Updated for latest MC versio
      • Optimised parts of the plugin
    Changelog (web portal)
    • Version 2.01 (#1317) (Statistician JAR 2.02) - 16/10/11
      • Removed PHP error notices
    • Version 2.0 (#1317) (Statistician JAR 2.0) - 15/10/11
      • Faster queries (up to 10 times faster in some cases!
      • Some database optimisation

    • Original Author: ChaseHQ
    • Current developers: Crimsonfox, Dazzel, Coryf88
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    Is it possible to add own Items, like: killed with Obsidian Sword ?
    I'm using Ultraitems for Spoutcraft and if I kill someone with my Obsidian Sword, I`ll get this "Gefährlichste Waffe: Flint- (12Tode)
  3. Hello,

    I love this plugins so much, and I really want to contribute something

    I will the Host the Web Portal for free (for anyone who having problem or difficulities)

    First of all, You can pick your subdomain for the webportal
    Choose between and
    For example:

    PM me with the following templates
    Subdomain you choose:
    MySQL Host:
    MYSQL Database:
    MySQL Username:
    MySQL Password:

    Thats it! I will be setting up your web portal under your choosen sub-domain under 24 hours for free :D
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    No stats could be added to the user entered in the database without a UUID, so you wouldn't break it, just no data could be added until that username with no UUID was cleared from the database and the user in question logged in and a record was created 'naturally'.

    There's no harm in trying it out anyways, but in most circumstances, once the database has been created there shouldn't be a need to touch it :)
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    Is there a way to view all of the stats without the web portal and such?
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    The only way to view the stats properly is by using the web portal. You could look at your database to view the stats but it's not exactly readable.
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    Ok, thanks.
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    Attached Files:

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    The player is not completely migrated to the faster system! Sorry for that but we are currently working on the new portal ;)
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    Can someone show a working example?
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    im happy to hear work is being done im more then happy to wait :)
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    here's a example screenshot

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    Woah how do i get mine to look like that!
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    That's his website, the "crftPanel Stats" (white box) is the stats page, unless I'm just... totally outdated.
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    Let me know if you guys need any help testing this plugin and its updates, I absolutely love it and would like to help in any way you need. :)
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    We need an good designer for the new frontend :) If someone good at that please contact Crimsonfox
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    Largo Usagi

    Will the old system still work. I do not need or want a full panel for the stats system and hacking that down to a page for my site may take some time. Here is an example of how im using the old stats plugin.

    With the original one page setup it wasn't hard to edit the CSS and get everything embedded but a whole portal is overkill for some one who wants the stats on a community site.

    But how the screen shot looks right now it looks nice so on that note keep up the good work, just the legacy version had a niche that I don't want to see disappear.
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    That screenshot above has nothing to do with us. User created.
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    Largo Usagi

    Oh well then, cant wait to see this working for 1.0, one of the first plugins well get running on our server. Apreciate the fact that its being maintained, I actually DL'ed the source and was about to figure it out myself.
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    Working fine on 1.0.0 for me...
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    I experimented a little bit with the front-end, and came up with this


    I may release the source once i am finished, if the interest is high.

    I have one feature request, that you would be able to see how many times the player uses a tool or weapon. (In my screenshot above, for "favourite tool" I base the result on how many times you have picked up a type of tool, which is not really accurate) . Also, you may implement a counter of how much damage received or dealt for different objects, like the stats and achievements plugin.
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    That... looks...awesome!!! Where does it pull the "map" type picture from in the first pic? And for total wealth, how is that tied in? Is that simply reading from the iConomy MySQL database? This a new feature I missed?
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    Hi, I changed a little bit in the code so you can switch between different themes. Then in my theme I extended the SERVER and PLAYER classes to include my own methods, which for some it reads from my iConomy database, and some, like the health and food status, I use the JSONAPI by Alec George. The map is simply an iframe to a Tectonicus map, which I altered a bit to follow the players in realtime(updates every 2 s).
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    That looks realy nice :) We are currently working on a whole new version. We are already thinking about an map . But I have one question: How do you get the player skins? Via an Java Applet?
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    Hi there, I use my own php script, downloading the skin directly from the minecraft servers and puts the parts in place on a png image, then it uses cached copies for 24 hours before downloading again.

    EDIT: To answer your following question : sure :)
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    Ahh great :) Did not now that we can access the skins directly xD
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    Oh i just spotted an error on head.php
    On line 37, should be
    imagecopyresampled($img, $im, 0, 0, 8, 8, $width, $height, 8, 8);

    Here's another feature request: Save player level/experience in player table. Maybe also save every experience level up event, so you get statistics for what gives most exp, etc.

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    I am having a problem with it adding a player twice into the players table. It is creating a different UUID too. Here are a couple examples:

    1b7a637f-fd49-4f47-91e6-2fc70f57af7d jayrob123
    1f36bc93-a932-4704-bf07-6c7c5530ff7d jayrob123

    8127ee71-79e9-44e1-824c-cbdd6d2dff28 jarrett747
    02c461b8-f20f-4c36-87a3-f8340f095c8d jarrett747

    I haven't looked through the entire table. There might be more.

    One thing I am seeing, is on one of the two UUIDs for each player this happens to, the firstever_login, last_login, and this_login are all the same time stamp. My "guess" is these players connected and left in under a second or timed out, and this plugin didn't have enough time to finish configuring the player?? The time stamps were all within the last week also.

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    heyho @Crimsonfox

    Doesn't work with PermissionsEX, all our guests (default users)
    are in the Statistician Database...

    It's the only of our 64 plugins , which doesn't works correctly with pex ;)

    Default users have: - Statistician.ignore
    All other groups: - -Statistician.*
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    lol by giving the "all other groups" statistician.*, you are giving them both statistician.ignore and statistician.ignoreoverride... What is the point of this exactly?

    It is all working fine for me on PEX
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    -statistician.ignoreoverride was removed!
    See the Changelog and later a reply to me.
    You have a 32 Slot Server and 472 Reguser? Many users have a playtime from 33-240 seconds...
    I think the node doesn't work for you too!

    No sense if I give all other groups - -Statistician.* or - -Statistician.ignore, same Problems....
    All users are logged.

    - -Statistician.*
    - Statistician.*
    - -Statistician.ignore
    - Statistician.ignore
    On the default group, the group will everytime be logged to the db.

    If I remove all nodes from all other groups, (except - -Statistician.* from default) no user is logged,
    but any node to any other group = all groups logged. it's weird.

    No Problems with the old, original Statistician Plugin, which had the old .ignoreoverride node!

    Now on PEX 1.16 # 1532

    Complete Config, pastebin

    There are one node: -Statistician.ignore (plugin.yml shows only this node)
    So I have to give default users: - Statistician.ignore
    All other groups (because inheritance): - -Statistician.ignore (or - -Statistician.*)
    Or not? ;)

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