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    SpoutMOTD - A popup MOTD for servers!
    Introducing Images in 1.4!
    If the config dosent generate, Here is the config for you!
    Older versions: v1.4.4 v1.4.3 v1.31 v1.2 v1.1

    This plugin allows you to have popup MOTD screen, with text on. You WILL need the spoutcraft client to see this!
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    Usage guide:
    People that want to see this need SPOUTCRAFT!
    It will automaticly popup when you log in or when you press "h" (or teh button the server admin configured it to)
    That easy!

    Commands and Permissions
    Currently everyone can view the MOTD, but will make that permission based too
    This plugin is using the standbard bukkit permission system

    /smotd - Opens the MOTD Permission: spoutmotd.smotd
    /smotdreload - Reloads the config Permission: spoutmotd.reload

    Config Guide:
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    The Config thats generated looks like this:​
            text: This is a demo text
                red: 1
                blue: 1
                green: 1
            posy: 100
            posx: 100
            size: 2
    text1 - text1 is the name of that text, 2 texts cant have the same name
    text - This is the text that will be displayed
    Color red, blue, green - This is the color of the tex, in RGB format, maximum number for the is 255, if you go past that the color will just be black
    posy - Y position of the text
    posx - X position of the text
    size - The size of the text, you cannot make decimals at the moment. You can in 1.2!
    like this: 1.13 is one size.
    Multiple texts:

    you can add more texts easily, just simply do like this:
            text: This is text 1
                red: 1
                blue: 1
                green: 1
            posy: 100
            posx: 100
            size: 2
            text: this is text 2, both of us will be displayed!
                red: 1
                blue: 1
                green: 1
            posy: 100
            posx: 100
            size: 2
    Just remember that 2 texts cant have the same name, then only one text will be displayed :)
    i have no idea what the maximum number is but i guess you could go over 1000's of texts if you want.

    introduced in 1.4 is images!
    Image formats: png or jpg only!
    Image height cant be bigger than 239! If it is, your image wont be displayed :(
    its very simple how to add them just add this to your config:
            url: http://forums.bukkit.org/data/avatars/l/3/3659.jpg?1316978098
            posx: 100
            posy: 10
    Heres a example with a text that wont be displayed:
            text: ignorethisword
                red: 100
                blue: 1
                green: 1
            posy: 150
            posx: 150
            size: 1.5
            url: http://forums.bukkit.org/data/avatars/l/3/3659.jpg?1316978098
            posx: 100
            posy: 10
    Very easy!
    You can also add as many images as you wish :)

    General config settings:
    Hotkey - This is the hotkey to open the MOTD Simply put in KEY_yourpreferedkeyhere list over possible keys: here
    Closebuttontext - This is the text that is on the close button
    hometab - Does nothing, ignore this
    hotkey_is_enabled - true or false, you want the hotkey to be enabled or not?
    only_display_on_first_time_joined - Only display the popup on player join if the player has never joined the server before.

    Introduced to 1.2 is variables, please come with more suggestions to variables!
    • ignorethisword - This will not be displayed!
    • %date% - Server date
    • %realservertime% - Server realtime
    • %player% - the name of the player that sees the MOTD
    • %IP% - ip adress of the player that is seeing the MOTD
    • %world% - The world the player is on
    • %level% - The player's experience level
    • %xptonextlvl% - displays the xperience points to next level, (i think it does that atleast)
    • %totalxp% - Displays the total experience points
    • %foodlevel% - Your current food level
    • %playertime% - The players realtime(or total playtime, need to doublecheck)
    • %playercount% - Displays the amount of users online!

    Todo List:

    • Redo the size setting
    • Add images Resize image fucntion
    • Layers
    • Add configurable buttons? - will kinda be in with the tab release!
    • different tabs - my task after 1.5!
    • "links"
    • Various variables, like player, time, IP address etc... MORE variables!
    • Add "ignorethismessage" as a variable to be ignored, (you cant start with %, so adding that wich wont be displayed solves the problem)
    Known issues:

    • none, for now...

    Version 1.5
    • Made the "close" button text configurable
    • Added a reload command
    • Added a command for opening the MOTD
    • Added a option for only opening the MOTD the first time a player joins teh server
    • Added a option to enable or disable the hotkey
    Version 1.4.4

    • Rewrote many parts of the code
    • Fixed the only one player can read the MOTD at a time bug
    Version 1.4.3

    • removed a debug message i forgot :p
    Version 1.4.2

    • Made the hotkey fro the MOTD configurable
    • Hotkey does nothign while in inventory, chat etc...
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    Version 1.4.1

    • Fixed a bug where people disconnecting from the server while in the MOTD would crash the plugin.
    • Also theres a trail of my started tab development in the config, deos nothign yet :)
    Version 1.4

    • You can now add images!
    • Players clicking close will no longer close the MOTD for others!
    Version 1.31

    • Fixed players pressing "h" will open the MOTD for the person last joined
    Version 1.3

    • Added hotkey "H" to open the MOTD
    • Added the following variables:
    • ignorethisword
    • %foodlevel%
    • %playertime%
    • %playercount%
    Version 1.2

    • Added the folowing variables:
    • %date%
    • %realservertime%
    • %player%
    • %IP%
    • %world%
    • %level%
    • %xptonextlvl%
    • %totalxp%
    • Redid the size, you can now have decimals in the size setting of your text!
    Version 1.1

    • Fixed Nullpointerexception that was caused by players without spoutcraft client
    Version 1.0

    • Initial release
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    Seem to is very good.. Can more pictures?

    I now download it and see what, seem to be very cool

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    Could you somehow integrate it into the new mcdocs ?
    like ....mhhh
    if someone without spoutcraft uses a special MCdocs command it will just print the text
    and if the one got spoutcraft it shows him the spout-screen ?
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    I love the plugin, but i can't make the demo text go away, what am i doing wrong?
    Every time the server restarts the text is back.
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    change the text of text1 to "ignorethisword"?

    Cant you have both SpoutMOTD and mcdocs?
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    Can it be possible to change the hotkey, because I can't anymore use the "H" when I want to write a message in the chat (or is it another issue to not always show the image when we click on the "H" key ?)

    PS: excuse me, english is not my first language, it is probably crappy ...
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    Yeah, aggree, just mb make it F8 or sth like it, really annyoing when it still will be H
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    I will make it configurable, right now im sorting out the bugs.(and you will only be able to open the MOTd while in game screen :p watch out for 1.4.2 soon!)
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    For me, this plugin work well, but the screenMOTD is opening himself automaticly all the 1 minutes approximatively... Very bad :(

    Fix it please ^_^
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    Version 1.4.2
    • Made the hotkey fro the MOTD configurable
    • Hotkey does nothign while in inventory, chat etc..
    What version are you on?

    edit : 1.4.3 - removde debugmessage
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    Hijacking thread now. ;P
    Hi, jonas.
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    Hello :D
    Whatcha think about it?
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    Is there a Reload Command, this is a thing where id like to tinker with it ingame so i dont have to constantly keep restarting my server Id rather just Do it ingame.. so i can physically see the changes without having to go through a large process of seeing how the formating will actually work without going off screen or which image size works. etc..
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    A command to reload this plugin would be helpful when editing the file! Otherwise awesome plugin!
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    ahh, forgot about a reload function, going to add that! probably in this daily update :)
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    Atomic Fusion

    Could you:
    Add an option to only show message on a player's first visit.
    Add an option to disable the shortcut to view the MOTD.
    Add a command to view the MOTD.

    Especially the first option, as I don't want to spam myself or any non noobs.
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    I guess I could do all of them ;)
    But what do you think of it so far?
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    I have an issue : When a player open the screen with H, if another player have already this screen opened, it close his screen.

    Very embarrassing... :/

    Please fix it, thank you ! :)
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    Its listed under "known issues" and I have a possible solution to this, watch out for the daily update :)
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    Ok I'll update this page all the 10 minutes !! ^^
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    Dont expect it to be too early, im still at school and not coming home for some hours :/
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    Oh, ok, no problem ^^ I'm not at school, I can wait. But my player can't ! :D

    I hope you to be good at this.
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    it took me 3 hours to fix but i got it done, just cleaning up in the code, then releasing it as 1.4.4
    After that im going to work on the features people suggested and putting tabs on halt a bit :)
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    Ok, so when I see 1.4.4 on the thread's, I re-download it and it'll work... Right ?

    If yes, pretty good ! Thank you :)
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    Version 1.4.4

    • Rewrote many parts of the code
    • Fixed the only one player can read the MOTD at a time bug
    there migth be some new bugs so please post them.
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    Just a wee idea for you to chew on :D

    Generic Picture [and Text] Position Variables?
    They adjust to the Window Size + GUI :D

    Images: Image1: url: http://forums.bukkit.org/data/avatars/l/3/3659.jpg?1316978098 posx: 100 posy: 10
    genpos: %middle%

    %Middle% [exact (well as exact as possible) middle of the players minecraft screen]
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    maybe, its not my highest priority yet!
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    You know when you type a command to get an update. Like for example you type a command to check your skill level.
    Anyway you could implement it into this plugin so that it displays in there?
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    What do oyu mean? reloading the config? im adding that to 1.5
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    I meant that for example with a skill plugin you'd have to type something like /skill to check your level and exp points. What I'm asking is if it would be possible so that when player presses the hotkey for the GUI. It shows up on the screen.
    So I guess my point is whether or not if it would be possible to display info given from other plugins?
  31. A reload option is really needed.
    Btw could you add an option to translate the "Close" button in another language ? :3

    Awesome plugin anyway

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