[INFO] ServerEvents 1.5.2 - Replace TwitterEvents, DeathNotify [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Brettflan, Jan 24, 2011.

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    I Re-downloaded 1.1 and still having the same issues.
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    Definitely fixed in 1.2 now. I triple checked...
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    Using the latest build when I try and run java -jar ServerEvents.jar I am returned Main method not public.

    Was the main method marked private?
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    oops... accidentally did that when I was making stuff protected in the last release. Re-download 1.2.
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    Thank you =) Everything is working correctly now.

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    Im trying to get this set up (super cool plugin btw), but I am having some issues. I followed your steps and I skimmed through the xml file it generates but I seem to be missing a huge something here. Where do i set up what twitter it broadcasts too etc? I ran the jar from cmd like it says in the instructions, but all it did was error : / Thanks for your help and time!
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    What was the error? You need to be more specific.
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    this is the error i get when i try and run the jar in cmd
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    Thank you for the help! my apologies i had them in the plugins folder, you might want to set up a file with the proper file structure for future noobs like myself :eek:

    Got it workin! thanks man! http://twitter.com/#!/CrystalMarsh_
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    Im trying to run java -jar ServerEvent.jar and get this error?:

    Main method not public.

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    Re-download 1.2. That was a screw up on my part earlier today.
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    Just did downloaded 1.2, still gets that :( Should I delete everything and start over? Just dl:ed the ServerEvent.jar and replaced it.
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    That fixed it :D Thank you!
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 12:26 PM ---
    Sorry to bother you again, but I just found out another problem.. Everytime I change some data inside the xml it disables ServerEvents.. I found out that if i write the swedish letters Å Ä Ö somewhere inside a <msg> </msg> it wont boot up ServerEvents.. This is the error I get:

    2011-01-25 13:15:49 [SEVERE] ServerEvents: Could not initialise ServerEvents\ser
    2011-01-25 13:15:49 [INFO] ServerEvents 1.2 disabled

    Is there anyway u can add Å Ä Ö? :) (its a Swedish server so it would be great)
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    Kattlan on the first page I posted a XML scanner, paste ur XML into that and see what error it says.
    I had one when I first checked, same error as you but the cause was a missing </msg>
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 1:37 PM ---
    yep all grammer and spelling mistakes in the xml are purely my fault not croemmich, i am sadly dyslexic and also appear to be blind to grammer.
    when i get to work tonight i plan on adding more to the xml, i will also check through the grammer and correct what i can.
    do i have permision to add your death ones in?

    i`ll post the xml sometime before 0100 gmt (i work 1800 till 0100 so it will be created during that time)
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    Yes! keep_old is now working fine! Thank You very much!
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    updated to 1.2 and our server apears to have stoped twittering :(
    made sure the secret code etc is the same and it is even tried to reauthorise and it gave me the same code

    ooops muppit moment i put the serverevent folder into the plugin folder....
    there is one change i can suggest though

    its 15:12 here but the server is twittering saying at the end 03:12:11 gmt maybe make it 24 hour clock or remove the 0?

    LOVE this plugin !!!!!
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    Still error.. Im pretty sure its because of these letters ÅÄÖ.. Is there any chance to fix this?

    EDIT: Fixed it.. Changed the encoding from UTF-8 to just <?xml version="1.0"?> and saved it as another encoding in Notepad.
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    Can you add a variable in the messages for item used when a player kills a player so we can do something like:

    MatCat killed croemmich with a Diamond Sword!
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 4:25 PM ---
    Just noticed drowning isn't showing any messages either
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    I don't think plugins can actually access static functions in other plugins like you're telling people to...
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    im not so show, look at essentials (prevously genREL) it can access the balance of coderedeconemy for example, im guessing (though im no plugin creator) im thinking terms of basic (well ok justBASIC and easy amos) but if one plugin says that $killedbyweapon="diamondsword" another plugin could if it looked at that value after its set say "killed using ";$killedbyweapon

    i could be 100% wrong ofcourse (i often am)

    on another note im editing the xml and im correcting some grammer first and captialising the first letter of each line ...hope xml is ok with im being turned into I`m though ill run it through a checker before i post it in 6 hours or so (i plan to make it rather long)

    due to those that dont like my rather unique approach to grammer and kamikazie approach to spelling (for which i honestly take no offense) maybe the plugin creator would like to make it so it creats a blank xml with just the sections and <msg> INSERT MESSAGE HERE </msg> as the default xml and if he still wants to, have it create a file called servereventsALT.xml using the one i provide, im happy for mine to be the default ofcourse, i like to think the time im spending on it is giving a little something back to the comunity that has given me soo much.
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    I can do the first part. I can't detect drowning as bukkit does not trigger onDamage for it.
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 7:11 PM ---
    It works... I tested it :)
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 7:15 PM ---
    I would like to keeps yours as the default. It is not hard for users to delete messages from the file.
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    As i say im fully happy with that. i am adding loads more at the mo, so long as my carpark dont get busy i expect to almost double the size lol, lots more join leave and death messages (all with capitial letters at the start and grammer where my brain lets me)

    all messages will be family friendly ofcourse despite my main admin throwing ones at me on msn that are not family friendly (he`s a bad infulence i say, though his "Come to the darkside, we have cookies" made it in

    my goal is to make it as unrepetitive as i can
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    Is there any way the playerlist could be printed out? I was thinking of have it send to a twitter account every now and then.
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    I can add that.
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    Okay just to put a bit of a twist into this twitter post comment from game to twitter can we see if there would be a way to add this into is sorry im not really good at XML or data base etc;

    When it goes to post to twiter at mo its....
    *XML* <msg>Hey! %n long time no see, how's the family?</msg>
    *Twitter* Hey stevenb88 long time no see, how's the family?

    Would we be able to set up like a data base that would link character names to there twitter so when the message shows it would look like this.
    Hey <A HREF="https://twitter.com/#!/DarknessOfDeath">stevenb88</A> long time no see, how's the family?

    i dont know if this would be possible or if this may be something a bit to over the top.
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    hmmm the xml is soo big now that when i attempt to post it into code tags it just wont seem to post
    to upload it i had to add .txt to the file name so to use as is, remove the .txt extension, sorryy for the hassle but then this is 5 hours of work lol
    i will add some more lines 2morro as i havent really done too much to the death messages and there needs to be more varity there

    as always i ran the file through axml syntax checker and it passed
    and as always you have my full permision to add this to both the plugin and the first post...if it will let you lol

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    Still getting this error.
    Just downloaded the one in your link last night.

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    Plugin works great! Only things I would like out of it would be the option to turn off message types per channel (Tweet user join messages, but don't display them in game; display in game and tweet death messages; etc) Also, any chance of getting format customization? For instance, I would like to have the death messages prefaced by [Death] in red with the message in another color, while the having no preface for the other message types.

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