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    NEWS (open)

    Version 11.2 released (22nd October 2011)

    Version 11.2
    • Added permissions wildcard support (mcdocs.*) works for all commands.
      • Note: this only allows all commands. mcdocs.reload does not fall under this wildcard. This needs to be set separately.
    • Added some try catch around the motd: configs.
    • Fixed motd-enabled
    Version 11.1
    • Removed the spacing that occurs when you only have 1 page.
    • New variable: %time (Shows what time it is in the player's world in 12 hour format.
      • Sun rises @ 5am, Sets @ 7pm
    Version 11
    • Updated to work with PermissionsBukkit (Tested, nodes work)
    • Updated to work with Register for %balance, you will need to download the Register plugin for this to work with iConomy and various other economy plugins.
    • Optimised much of the code.
    • Updated the commands config structure, much simpler now than before. :)
    • You can now use %name, %size, %world, %group, %ip, %world, %prefix, %suffix in your file paths in the config.yml
    • Redefined the MOTD process.
      • Is now all defined within configuration
      • You can now use online files
    • Changed how logging occurs, you can toggle if you want to be informed about errors or not in the config now.
    • Group support now uses an in house permission system, where you define the groups players are in manually.
    • New permissions-enabled variable, Do you have any permissions system installed? Yes: true | No: false
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    Hey, great plugin. But there's one problem. Every time someone uses a /motd command or whatnot, I get this in the server console
    All of that every time I or someone uses a command done by MCDocs.
    Also, could anyone reccomend me something that can show a list of all commands?

    I'm using McMyAdmin if that helps.
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    Read the error, take a breath, use some logic, and work out that the player stated must not have a group/prefix/suffix defined in the permissions setup just like the error states.

    Then go fix your permissions setup.

    Make sure that each group has prefix = ''
    and suffix = ''

    at the very least. Ofcourse you can add into them.

    If they say null, replace it with ''

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    Hey just to start off I love this plugin!! I use it for custom Motd based on groups but I know there is soo much more I will be using it for.

    One request / question though. Will there or is there a command for getting the "money" a player has in there account? I used to have a motd that would let the players know what world they were on, who was online, and how much money they had.
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    Alex H

    Hey i am having a problem with the plugin below is my config file, when i try /gate nothing happens but when i use /worlds i get that the command was not found /reg and the standard ones world fine idk why these don't work

    P.S. what are the permissions to let people use the comands

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    @Tazzernator already added the feature to call an external news file.


    Don't you ever stop being awesome?
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    Alex H

    whoops forgot my config file

    header-format: '&c%commandname - Page %current of %count &f| &7%command <page>'
    news-file: news.txt
    news-lines: 1
    motd-enabled: true
    - /motd:motd.txt
    - /rules:rules.txt
    - /news:news.txt
    - /reg:reg.txt
    - /gate:gate.txt- /worlds:worlds.txt- /new:new.txt
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    Let me preface: LOVE this plugin. I could go on and on and on about it, but I won't. Straight to the punch.

    Do you ever plan to implement manual page pagination? I just reinstalled bukkit after god knows how many months, and forgot to do the whole manual-page-wrapping thing when I realized it would be so much more convenient (which I hadn't even thought possible before now lol) if I could make each page shorter than the automatic 9 lines. For my rules.txt, I have a brief(-ish) description of each one, and if I could give them their own seperate page, I think it would be nicer than starting the first 2 lines of the second and THEN moving onto the next page..

    tl;dr Ever adding Manual Pagination? I'm sure something simple in the text like %paginate or %separator would be easy to work with user-side. Jw.
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    You need to read the wiki.

    %break is something that has been suggested before. I'll add it eventually.

    At the moment you can just make a few empty lines in the txt file.
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    *feels like an idiot*
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    Thanks, got it working now :):)

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    Alex H

    how does the wiki help? i do not see anything helpfull on it
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    If you still cannot use MCDocs correctly after reading the very few pages on the wiki, I suggest to not use this plugin and to find a few books that can assist you in boosting your sub par IQ.

    %online_group name repetitions.

    I am still yet to receive a archive from anyone who is having a %online_group issue where it duplicates the names.

    So this is a shout out to ANY server admin who has a setup where using %online_group repeats the names, to archive their entire craftbukkit directory, NOT including their world or server.log.

    Also not to remove and credential information that you would not wish to share, although I promise not to distribute it. Super promise.

    Why do I need this? Because I cannot replicate the error on my setup! I have no idea what is causing it, so I need setups known to have the issue.

    If you can help me out, please email me:


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    I just emailed my craftbukkit directory. I hope it helps you in replicating the error.
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    So am I just missing something on the wiki or is there not a variable command for showing the amount of someones money? If there is not do you think there might be sometime? If not that's ok I still love how easy and useful this plugin is.
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    Can anyone help me? I'll attach a screenshot of what the MOTD and here's what's in motd.txt
    BTW: Just ignore the thing about reloading the server ^^

    Thanks in advance,

    Attached Files:

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    Alex H

    i would like to inform you that your precious wiki does not sufficiently explain the format for creating personalized commands, this is due to fault in the drafting of the wiki. I had not intended to offend with my question but i was unable to find the information i had requested on the wiki and that was the reason i had commented on the thread in the first place. I find the fact that you must degenerate into petty insults to compensate for your own sense of inadequacy quite interesting.
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    Ok first off, i love this and will be keeping it, good job :)

    Second, EDIT: nvm, fixed.

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    i keep getting this:
    [INFO] [MCDocs] ERROR! One of the following is not found: %group %prefix %suffix for player [playername here]
    where is it coming from so i can stop it.

    thnx in advance
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    No there isn't.

    I have spent a lot of time putting together documentation so that questions about the core setup and experimental setups can be answered without the waste of my time. For any plugin, this is one of the best documentation you can get.

    The format of commands is outlined not only in my example zip, not only when you first run the plugin in the config.yml, but also on the wiki.

    As seen here:

    The solid fact that the information that you needed to thus ask from me personally is available in three separate places, two of which are incredibly obvious.

    As far as I'm concerned, you needed to read the wiki.

    Lastly, I don't easily get offended, more-so annoyed at individuals that don't harvest any time in thinking about reading the wiki, which, mind you, is also linked in the readme that comes in the zip. All I end up doing is repeating myself over and over again due to individuals that are incompetent of reading.

    Overall, if you don't understand how my plugin works, perhaps you should make your own.

    Your permissions file is incorrectly created.

    Make sure that all players do indeed have a group.
    Make sure that for each group there is a prefix and a suffix.
    Make sure for ech suffix and prefix, they do NOT = NULL but instead, as follows:
    prefix = ''
    suffix = ''
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    ah ok thanx
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    it is not updating config.yml on the fly.
    when i add new commands to config.yml they do not work unless i restart.
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    /mcdocs -reload
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    nice feature would be a comannd to update news.txt ingame
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    txt files are automatically updated.
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    is there an escape character? i need to put the & sign in one of my help files, but & is parsed and becomes invisible

    nvm saw the earlier post.

    although it is technically possible, the plugin coloredsigns v 1.1 has && which allows you to put & on a sign. and herochat also allows you to type & without parsing it as a colorcode
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    i mean for people like moderators, they don't have server acces, it should be like: /mcdocs add news "server is awesome"
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    Is there a way to make commands that have spaces? I'm trying to use this plug-in for a help manager, and for some reason it won't let me use commands with spaces. If I type in /help <subject>, it displays the message for /help.
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    Not at the moment, sorry.
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    Is there a way to manually insert the header into certain documents?

    '&c%commandname - Page %current of %count &f| &7%command <page>'
    I'd like to use it for the help files.
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    The header is shown automatically when there is more than 9 lines of texts as a guide to show multiple pages.

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