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    This plugin outputs a JSON file containing player locations for use with various Minecraft mapping software.

    1. Put MapMarkers.jar in your plugins folder
    2. Run your server once to generate a config file
    3. Edit plugins/MapMarkers/config.yml to your liking

    SETUP FOR MINECRAFT OVERVIEWER (Courtesy of FlukiestEmperor)
    0. Perform installation (see above)
    1. Edit MapMarkers.yml so that markers.json is placed in the same folder as your Minecraft Overviewer output
    Alternatively don't edit MapMarkers.yml, make a symlink (Linux):
    ln -s path/to/minecraft/server/bin/world/markers.json path/to/minecraft/map/markers.json
    2. Put player.png, player.php, and player_markers.js where the overviewer index.html is. (Optionally web_assets in your overviewer source directory)
    If you don't want to use player skins as the markers (requires PHP, allow_url_fopen, and ideally write permissions by your PHP user), copy player_markers_noskin.js and rename it to player_markers.js
    3. Add a line to your source overviewer index.html that reads:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="player_markers.js"></script>
    4. Run overviewer and everything should work

    0. Perform installation (see above)
    1. Edit MapMarkers.yml so that markers.json is placed in the same folder as your Pigmap output
    Alternatively don't edit MapMarkers.yml, make a symlink (Linux):
    ln -s path/to/minecraft/server/bin/world/markers.json path/to/minecraft/map/markers.json
    2. Put player.png, player.php, and player_markers_old.js where the pigmap HTML is.
    If you don't want to use player skins as the markers (which requires PHP, allow_url_fopen, and ideally write permissions by your PHP user), copy player_markers_noskin_old.js and rename it to player_markers.js
    3. Add two lines to your source template.html that reads:
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <script type="text/javascript" src="player_markers.js"></script>
    4. Run pigmap and everything should work

    plugins/MapMarkers/config.yml contains all settings

    saveInterval (default 3000): How often to output the markers, in milliseconds
    outputFile (default world/markers.json): Where to place the output file
    dateFormat (default yyyyMMdd HH:mm:ss): How to format timestamps in the output JSON.
    writeSpawn (default false): Whether or not to place spawn markers (one for each world) in the output.

    • Fixed for new configuration and event handling (Now works in 1.1-R6 and 1.2-betawhatever)
    • Updated quit event signature (fixes the nag errors)
    • Updated player_markers.js for the latest version of Overviewer. Pigmap and old versions of Overviewer are in the _old suffix (unchanged from 0.3.2)
    • Readme file contains the right instructions pointing to the new config location.

    • Properly included player_markers_noskin.js in the zip
    • Fixed a bug in player.php
    • Config file is now located in plugins/MapMarkers/config.yml. The plugin will automatically create the folder/file as necessary.
    • JSON output now includes world name instead of GUID.

    • Removed the constructor for compatability with new versions of Bukkit.
    • Plugin now handles player teleport events.
    • Timer now uses the bukkit scheduling stuff instead of a separate thread.

    • JSON output now has IDs indicating the marker type
    • Optional spawn markers (see config file)
    • JSON output includes world GUID
    • Player skins as can be used as icons
    FUTURE(Possible features)
    • Easy multiworld support.
    • Commands to add custom markers
    • Server weather and time
    • Player-controlled hiding of their position.
    • Zoom-to-player and track player

    Most recent version available at: (Direct Jar)
    Older versions can be downloaded from:
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    how do u use this
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    + 1 i don't even..
    --- merged: Jan 17, 2011 7:36 AM ---
    + 1 i don't even..
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    Same way as

    Load the plugin and it'll produce a JSON file with player locations. How you integrate it into your mapping software of choice depends on said choice of mapping software.
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    im so sorry but what!?!? im new to this stuff
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    On which version of MapMarkers is this based? The latest one is a fork made by me that fixes some bugs in mrsheen's version. Also: would you mind sharing the source code? I'm rather interested in fixing some more bugs.
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    It's not based on the actual source code of any specific version of the hMod plugin, and I'm not sure which version was running on my hMod server. I just wrote my own from scratch based on what functionality of the hMod plugin I use in my server's map.

    I'll upload the source later tonight.
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    Would it be possible to get this to work with DynMap at all?
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    Good job! I was able to set it up on my server, only problem i have is that player names show as "undefined".
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    Ah, because the original MapMarkers saves the name as "msg" instead of "name."
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    Just a request. Could you include the dates as the old plugin did? I use it with my version of Overviewer, and will use it with my version of pigmap in the future. (I have a github)

    It allowed me to put an "idle" status on players in Overviewer.

    Edit: Also, what exactly is the interval in? Milliseconds?
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    How did the old dates work? Last time the player moved?

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    Setting up on a linux server:

    1. Put MapMarkers.jar in plugins folder
    2. put MapMarkers.yml where craftbukkit.jar is
    3. put player.png, player_marker.js, player2.png where the overviewer index.html is

    4. Make a symlink:
    ln -s path/to/minecraft/server/bin/world/markers.json path/to/minecraft/map/markers.json

    5. finally, add a line in the source overviewer index.html that reads:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="player_markers.js"></script>

    6. Run the overviewer script and everything should work

    Added a step + numbered directions.
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    Oh sorry lol, didn't notice he had the answer. The old plugin changed the date whenever it updated his position in the markers.json. The plugin updated each person's information individually. I haven't looked at how your plugin does it yet.

    The official MapMarkers plugin also let you set the date format, but I never changed it. I just used the default:
    yyyyMMdd HH:mm:ss

    The plugin also had a config option to disable/enable including the position of the spawn in markers.json. By default it was set to true. I always had it set to false. Again, haven't actually tried your plugin yet, so I'm not sure how you handle it. Working on getting it running it now.
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    Here's version 0.2 (see first post), rewritten from scratch because I managed to delete the sources. This time the zip file includes the source code.

    Added timestamp to JSON output
    Renamed "name" to "msg" in JSON output
    Renamed "file" to "outputFile" in config
    Added dateFormat to config
    Added README.txt

    I didn't bother with a spawn marker because Overviewer has one by default.
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    Jonathan Bloom

    Do MapMarkers work with pigmap?
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    Lars Martin

    If you are new to reading then you probably should turn off your computer.
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    From what I can tell, the HTML/Javascript output of pigmap seems to be very similar to the old output of Overviewer, so yes.

    I don't know if it'd work, but try following the overviewer instructions, and above the <script> tag for player_markers.js, add:
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
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    I noticed you didn't bother with Spawn markers, but could you please bother? Pigmap does not calculate the real spawn position, it just sets a marker in the center of the map:
    var markerData=[
            {"msg": "center of chunk (0,0) at sea level", "y": 64, "x": 8, "z": 8}
    This is a problem, as I am trying to make my fork fully-featured, and this does not look very good on it.

    Thanks for your hard work,
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    Worked for me with pigmap after including jquery.

    Request: Any chance of adding an option to not delete players from the output json when they disconnect? Possibly with a configuration option for 'limit to x players' or 'limit to dates no older than x second' to keep it from filling up?
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    Jonathan Bloom

    I got it to work on mine also using the jquery plugin. Thanks!

    Is it possible to get one of the cool boxes on the map with the Server Name, Server Address and a running playerlist? I've seen it on one map earlier.

    Also, is it possible to have it use the player's skin? Like load it from the Minecraft skin directory. And maybe a way to show a floating name?
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    If you look at my version of Overviewer (, it has some of the features that you requested. Also, I am working on moving these features to pigmap, but it is a work in progress.

    You can find my github fork of pigmap here, yet there are no changes to it from the original as of now.
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    Can we please get this file hosted (I can host if it you like) somewhere that isn't an attachment on the forums? it would simplify things if I could just use wget to get the plugin, rather than downloading it to my desktop (it requires a login to the forums) and then uploading it to my server.
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    Having a problem with setting outputFile (windows)

    Works OK if I go with the default (& there is a folder called 'world')

    but if i try something like outputFile: map/markers.json it writes a file called 'map' with the markers in (no file extention) when it should have written a file called 'markers.json' in a folder called 'map'

    i have tried outputFile: map\markers.json & i have no joy whatsoever with the path i used back in the hey0 days which is ../web/xampp/htdocs/map/markers.json

    any ideas?
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    Doesn't seem to be fully compatible to the hMod MapMarkers plug-in for me. With hMod I get this line in mapmarkers.json:
    [{"timestamp":"20110120 17:38:18","id":4,"z":132.0,"msg":"SomeNick","y":69.0,"x":153.0}]
    With your bukkit version of MapMarkers I get:
    [{"timestamp":"20110120 17:32:31","z":126.26006242498042,"msg":"SomeNick","y":68.0,"x":178.7584455267707}]
    As you can see the ID is missing. I don't know whether all scripts rely on that ID, at least the ones I use do, and thus fail to read that file. Do you think you could include that ID in a future version?

    Thanks for your effort anyway, other than that the plug-in is working fine!
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    I second the motion. ID would be helpful. I use it in my released version of overviewer, so it would be nice not to have to release another version just for Bukkit. I'd like to have one version for all.

    I believe these are the IDs (some don't need to be implemented, unless you feel like it):
    0 - Spawn (I asked for this before, it was in the original MapMarkers)
    1 - Homes (never implemented in original MapMarkers)
    2 - Towns (never implemented in original MapMarkers)
    3 - Places of interest (MapMarkers had a /newlabel and /remlabel command for adding custom markers from Minecraft, this can wait, but would be nice)
    4 - Players (The main use for your plugin)
    5 - Capitals (never implemented in original MapMarkers)
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    Any way to include in the player info if they are in a boat or minecart? Maybe make it generic enough to handle most anything?
    [{"type":"player","vehicle":"","timestamp":"20110118 15:40:36","z":-3.179532688223801,"msg":"EdGruberman","y":82.0,"x":0.34851556780932424}]
    [{"type":"player","vehicle":"boat","timestamp":"20110118 15:40:36","z":-3.179532688223801,"msg":"EdGruberman","y":82.0,"x":0.34851556780932424}]
    [{"type":"player","vehicle":"minecart","timestamp":"20110118 15:40:36","z":-3.179532688223801,"msg":"EdGruberman","y":82.0,"x":0.34851556780932424}]
    [{"type":"player","vehicle":"DRAGON","timestamp":"20110118 15:40:36","z":-3.179532688223801,"msg":"EdGruberman","y":82.0,"x":0.34851556780932424}]
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    I can't get this to work with pigmap, how did you manage to make it work?
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    I added
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 
    to the head of my pigmap/template.html file and otherwise followed the instructions in the first post.
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    I was wrong with my ID list. (fixed)

    And I am working on getting a public release of my fork of pigmap, which will have support for this. (and will include all of my nice features from Overviewer, hopefully)

    Watch for a change here.

    Right now it is just a basic pigmap fork, nothing different.

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