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    LoginMessages - gives login messages and /rules command
    Bukkit version: 1185
    Version: 1.5

    everytime someone logs in the servers will say " Welcome to the server <player name> ! Type /Rules for server rules! :D "

    it also provides the /Rules command which is written in the plugins config file.

    Login messages for every player that logs in.
    /Rules command to display server rules to the player. (Rules set in config file)

    /Rules : displays server rules to the player

    Place .jar in plugins folder
    Run server, plugin will generate config file
    replace " <Replace with server rules> " with server rules and save config (note: with diffrent lines just clear the '<replace with...>' to leave it blank. also something is messing up the config and re-arranging the order of the lines, watch out for this)
    restart server / reload plugins

    LoginMessages.jar (dropbox)

    Source Code:

    Version: 1.5 : Added diffrent lines to the rules command
    Version: 1.0 : Added config file, Submitted to Bukkit
    Version: 0.5 : Added /Rules command
    Version: 0.0 : Plugin Completed

    turn off login message
    make login message global or to player
    make configurable login message

    this is my first plugin so be nice :)
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    your missing the CB build number this supports in the title
    you should also add a wget compatible download. So in other words you don't have to navigate away from this page to download your plugin. I recommend or you could use github
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    thanks :) fixed both, using dropbox now :)
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    Wait, does the config allow you to change the message that it shows when you login?
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    thats on my to do list, it only changes the rules command at the moment, I will also make it an option if the login message is public or just to the player
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    Can you disable the login message? It'd help me a lot to know, and help you further develop this too! :3
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    I'll add that to the top of my todo list. that seems easy enough :)
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    awesome plugin bro but same as people saying i hope we can change that ;)

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    this is basic and has been done before. but you have to start somewhere :p
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    its a config.yml i cant do anything with it so i cant edit the rules plz help me a half noob[cake]
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    i use notepad++ to edit the config.yml. I don't know how to do it with anything else. but with notepad++ after you install it then you just right click config.yml and select edit with notepad++

    I'll try it with normal notepad and maybe wordpad when I can get on my computer
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    Uninstalled, the script impersonates with the name of the server, which it isn't.
    Also the " " Welcome to the server <player name> ! Type /Rules for server rules!"-Text is not moddable,
    beside of that, good plugin.
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    im going to modify it so that the login message is moddable, and so that the login message is either sent to the player or into global chat. ill be updating it soon
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    Just what I needed! Nice job car!
  15. how do i set it so that each rule is on a different line or cant you and if you cant could you please implement it.
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    ok ive added that just beware that in the config file the lines are re-arranged (lines are in 4,3,1,2 instead of 1,2,3,4)
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    Love the plugin use it ALL the time :)[arrow][creeper]
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    You should change your Title. New Version is 1.5...Titel says 1.0. Its a bit confusing.

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    *FaceDesk* I completely missed that... thanks

    And sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy and I've found a liking of making client mods so I haven't given this much attention, I'll work on them I the next few days (hopefully)
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    Haha no problem ;)
    I like it to help someone :p
  21. can you add spout support so we can have an onscreen popup or something like that would be great!
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    Thank You !!!
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    Work with Bukkit #1240?
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    This will be perfect for my server as soon as you allow the option for configuring the login message.
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    should do but i havent tested it yet
    currently updating (reason why i dont know if it works with RB1240 or not)
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    How can I change the login message?
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    Deleted user

    You NEED To update this :D!
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    Deleted user

    This still works with CB 1337
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    how do i insert a line break? cuase atm even though ive put the rules on a new line, they still show in one long line instead of a paragraph in game, and also, take out the :D at the end, its off-putting, but nice plug none the less.
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    How do you change the rules I can't do it on the config file and I am using notpad++ too! I need help

    never mind I found out the essentials was messing it up. The plugin works great now!

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