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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by DemmyDemon, Jul 12, 2011.

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    I have a feature request. I really like the logging function and I have a log now of 200 kB. I want to apply some statistics on it and therefore I need to import the log into another program.

    Now my request is if it would be possible to make a comma separated file out of it like this:

    2011-10-05 23:06:41,20.0,1318.0,1972.0,13,16 instead of this:
    [2011-10-05 23:06:41] TPS: 20.0 Memory free: 1318.0/1972.0 Players: 13/16

    of course this is not practical in a log file and i really like your format that is why i thought about another solution:

    just put a format string into the config file:

    something like this:

    useAverage: true
    averageLength: 10
    interval: 40
    interval: 150
    enable: true
    format: "[%date] TPS: %ticks Memory free: %curmem/%maxmem Players: %players"

    Then people can choose their own order and format for the log file. (and of course the default will be the nice format you were already using)

    It would be nice if something like this could be added.
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    sry for this stupid question :D but
    does the mem mean RAM or HDD-Space?
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    it means RAM :)
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    ;( Sorry I cant post msgs on bukkit dev with mozilla but for some reason I think the TPS system is out of wack. . . Like I noticed not even the slightest amount of lag with about 20 people on and it will say 9.2 TPS ??? No one complains and no chat or block lag at all. Just think its a bit broke I guess ?
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    hm I suspected this...
    but does it work correctly? cause my minecraft server should have 2 gb ram but if I type /mem it only shows 1gb max.
    do you think I should talk with my Server Hoster?
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    Request: can you make an option to not echo the display out in the server log?
    /lag nolog
    /lagmem nolog

    A config.yml directive would be nice too (for some of our servers dont want the output every time a user runs the command)
    noServerLogOutput: true

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    Actually I have been wondering this myself. I'll get around 9 and 10 tps out of nowhere but no change in gameplay performance for some reason. Is it POSSIBLE this needs updating?
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    Just dont use it. A host owner friend of mine told me anything that reads ram or cpu what ev like lagmeter actually will lag if anything to find out ram/cpu etc.
  10. It's just measuring ticks, i'd doubt it adds much load onto the server.
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    It does :D
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    I don't think this one does. My reason Being as looking through the source code. It appears it calls for the information only after the issue of the command. Don't see how that could affect server performance. Especially if logging is turned off as well.
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    Hi, i have problems !
    I lunch my server with command (for unix)

    java -jar -Xmx4096 -Xms1024 craftbukkit.jar

    But IG when i type /mem they return 2986.0MB/3640.0MB !
    Where are 4096 ?
  15. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/lagmeter/
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    Would you happen to have any sort of jenkins for this where we may track development?
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    I used to have it on GitHub, but I'm not in charge of this any more.


    File a ticket or whatever there.
  18. If this plugin say that there is 1.0 tps, but you dont notice lagg at the chat. Then you should see that water/lava flows verry slow, redstone have big delay and animals spasm. this types of situations can be caused by an map whit housends of boats)
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    Please don't use this thread. Go to http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/lagmeter/
    I don't maintain this any more.
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    Im curious if this plugin is updated to the new events system as the old one was removed starting CB 1944.
    Just a headsup before the coming RB which will cause quite the mess :p
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    I have no idea.
    I'm not the maintainer any more. It has moved to http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/lagmeter/ and been taken over by someone else.
    If I could have this thread closed or whatever, I would.

    Please do not use this thread any more.
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    NICE THANKS!!! :D :) [cake] the cake its to you xD
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    looking great, if it wad a server on PlanteMinecraft i would rate it a million [diamond]s!

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